Hogan/Austin At Mania? The Rock, SmackDown & More

Source: PWInsider.com

Last Thursday s edition of WWE SmackDown scored a 2.7 broadcast rating, with a 4.4 share.

Over at WWE.com features a poll asking who would you like to see have a blog on WWE.com. The choices are:


John Cena
Paul Heyman
Mick Foley
Triple H
Vince McMahon

At the moment, John Cena is leading with, with 26.39%, while HHH is second with 26.14% of the votes. Mick Foley is last, with Mick Foley 7.38% of the 397,335 total votes.

The Rock s movie "The Mummy Returns", is scheduled to air after the RAW debut on the USA Network on October 3rd. The movie starts at 11:05pm.

Jay Gunn sent this one. ... The new issue of Previews magazine, which is an advance solicitation catalog for comic book retailers, has a listing for "The Marine", John Cena's upcoming film, with a plot summary: "Following a rescue mission in Afghanistan, discharged marine John Triton returns home to South Carolina and into the loving arms of his wife, Kate. But, adjusting to a "normal life" doesn't come easy for him. That is, until a camping trip to the mountains results in an unfortunate encounter with five ruthless killers on the run, and Kate becomes their unwilling hostage. Left for dead, Triton relentlessly pursues his quarry deep into backwoods country, determined to get his wife back safely at any and all costs!" The listing also includes a mock cover of the book, with a photo of Cena's character mid-run in a wilderness setting holding a survival knife.


On yesterday's Ottawa Sun featured a brief interview with Hulk Hogan. There wasn't much to it, other than Hogan saying, about Steve Austin possibly working against him at next year's WrestleMania, "I don't know where his head is at with wrestling."

Apparently there has been talk around WWE that a Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold match is a possibility for next year s WrestleMania.