Inside Details On WWE's Writing Team, & More

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

WWE fired Rudy Fischmann last week; he was a WWE creative team member. He was told that he just did not mix well with the WWE system. One source in the company said Fischmann was considered a mark backstage. Even though the decision to release him was made a week or so earlier, the last straw came when he chewed out Ashley and Victoria after a botched match on the September 5 edition of RAW. However, one source said he was consoling them for even being put out there for match without warning. Nonetheless, that wasn t the projected feeling Fischmann let off.


Fischmann worked previously in Hollywood producing documentaries and reality TV shows. He lasted about 4-months in WWE.

The writing team now consists of around ten people. There is a constant revolving door nature for this department, so most wrestlers barely have time to learn their names. Stephanie McMahon heads up the creative team which includes Michael Hayes, Ted DiBiase, and Dusty Rhodes. Dave Lagana heads up the SmackDown writing staff. In Brian Gewirtz s absence Ed Koskie heads the RAW writing team. Four other writers known by wrestlers by their first names are Alex, David, Christopher, and Robert. Bruce Prichard also takes part in conference calls almost every week. There are plans for Lagana to be moved to primarily the New Media Department to work alongside Shane McMahon, so Rhodes may end up taking his spot as head SmackDown writer. Lagana s move is considered a promotion. Court Bauer is working in the front office with a primary role being formatting Velocity. Gewirtz, former head RAW writer, is developing the script for a WWE Films movie being targeted for Kurt Angle in a starring role.


Dusty Rhodes has been spotted regularly at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut the past couple weeks. His official start date with the company was September 7 and he has been visible around the office ever since.