Late-Night Update: Trish, RAW, Rock, Brooke Hogan, More

Partial Source: Wrestling Observer

The Edmonton Sun ran a very good article on Trish Stratus noting that she was the 'best Women's wrestler ever'. That may be going just a little far.

The Rock was present at the Taurus World Stunt Awards which were taped last night.


It'll be interesting to see if WWE tries to slip any mention of USA on the show Monday as there really isn't anything Spike TV can do about it as it's their last show on the network.

Brooke Hogan has an article in the 10/3 National Enquirer. The storyline is that Hogan was told she's too fat for Hollywood so now she's training hard, which of course is an excuse for a bikini photo. (Wrestling Observer)

The Ottawa Sun did an interview with Dixie Carter where she noted "If you like wrestling, you will like this product. If you like 20-minute promos, then our product may not be for you. You're going to see some moves you've ever seen before and some names you've never heard."

This will be a very busy week around here with the huge Spike TV tapings this week and the hype for the RAW Homecoming so we hope you'll stay tuned over the next few days.