Latest On Undertaker Retiring, More On X-Pac/WWE

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- Contrary to rumors, there are no plans for Undertaker to retire after his feud with Randy Orton. While a retirement could very well come in the next few years, Taker has not yet expressed that he s willing to give up on working for WWE. And, if he did, it would certainly not be the result of putting over Randy Orton.

- X-Pac s scheduled meeting with WWE has become a big discussion topic in wrestling circles. As of this past weekend, the belief was that he had come to terms with TNA and merely lacked the formality of a written contract. TNA has long been aware that X-Pac s friendships in WWE would pull him in that direction should a bidding war break out, but there is obviously faith that he ll greatly consider remaining in TNA (this would of course be assuming that WWE is interested in re-signing X-Pac; something that is hardly confirmed).