Live Notes From RAW; Heat Tapings; & More

Thanks to J. D. Wolfe of for this:

Here is a quick rundown of the results of Dark Matches and Heat Tapings from the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville.

Dark Match:

Mike the Miz and Chris ? defeated Nick Sinn and ?(hard to catch the names)

Heat Matches:

Matt Stryker pinned Johnny Parisi following the Overdrive.

Danny Basham sporting a new look and entrance, defeated Nigel McGuinness after a vicious looking reverse DDT.

Renee Dupree pinned Tajiri using Maven's old finisher (fell and drove his knees into Tajiri's back).

Post Raw:

A tag match featuring Gene Snitsky and Kurt Angle vs. John Cena and the Big Show was announced, but I left after the Master Lock challenge.

It looked like it was about 99% sold out with just a few scattered empty seats. The crowd was really hot all night long, as would be expected in the deep south of wrestling heritage. There was a small boring chant that broke out during the World Tag Team match, not sure if it was audible on TV. There was also a "Jerry" chant that started in my section during a commercial break for the King. He is definitely still loved and cherished here in Nashville for all of the great memories he provided this area. If you think the WHOOS are loud on TV, they are much louder in person. It's great to see how the Legends are still loved just as much as they were in their prime. This was my first live Raw taping, and there is nothing like seeing it live in person!!