Major Incident At The U.S./Canadian Border Involving The Sandman

– It looks like Sandman may be done wrestling in Canada for the time being. He was scheduled to work a show in Montreal recently, and was stopped at customs at the airport. He arrived at 11:30 a.m. that morning, and then called the promotion he was working for to tell them he was stuck in customs.


An hour later, he called back and said he was in real trouble and needed a lawyer. It turns out that he was denied entry into Canada due to a breaking and entering charge from 1983. A lawyer was sent, and argued that Sandman shouldn t be kept from entering Canada due to a 22-year-old charge.

After the lawyer said that, they then stated that Sandman was also leaving the country to work illegally in Canada. They searched his bags and found his wrestling gear, and t-shirts that he was going to be selling at the show.

He was put on a plane back to Philadelphia after the situation went on for almost 6 hours.