More Details On Daniel Puder's WWE Release

Daniel Puder's contract with WWE actually ends this December. We're told Puder met with WWE talent relations head John Laurinaitis last Monday prior to RAW in Nashville, TN. He was informed that he was being released and was offered an immediate buyout of his contract which would allow him to be free to work for other promotion around the world or he could relocate to Atlanta and work for Deep South Wrestling. It is believed that he declined the offer to move to Atlanta and took the buyout instead. Puder was praised in OVW for working hard and making tremendous progress in recent months. He was in the middle of a huge push during the OVW TV show produced by Paul Heyman.


As it stands right now, Puder is looking forward to a future in MMA. Puder's first post-WWE appearance at a MMA event will be the "Fight Nite In The Flats" card this Saturday at the Scene Pavillion in Cleveland, Ohio.