More TNA Commercials During WWE Shows, Stacy Keibler; & More

Two TNA commercials played during Sunday Night Heat last night on Spike TV. Commercials also played during Velocity on Saturday night and debuted during RAW last Monday night. Expect a new set of commercials tonight as well. (Thanks to Marcus Cygy, Rubberbanman31 & Jeremy Samples for sending word of this)

Artist Version 1.0 sent this in: I was surfing through and came across "Big Mommas House 2" which is now filming, and Stacy Keibler is listed in the cast as Victorica Secret Sales Clerk, she has always been cast in this movie since the though of it back in mid-2000, just thought I would pass this along and "Big Mommas House 2" will be out in 2006!

The Toys R Us flagship store in New York City in Times Square has added a very large WWE section to help promote SmackDown's move to Friday this week. added an article about the section including photos.