Morgan/Jindrak Update, RAW Problems; & More News

New Japan Pro Wrestling is working on deals with former WWE superstars Charlie Haas and Matt Morgan. New president of New Japan, Simon Inoki, is wanting to concentrate on bringing in foreign talent.

As noted earlier, Matt Morgan is at the SmackDown! taping with Mark Jindrak, both released several months ago. We do know that Matt and Mark were going to come up with a website together and make a pay section where you could download exclusive video. We'll keep you posted.


The UK feed of the live RAW early this morning had technical problems with audio in the first 16 minutes of the show. Since RAW started airing live in the United Kingdom, only a couple minor problems have occurred and yesterday's problem on Sky Sports was probably the 'worst' so to speak, having no audio whatsoever for the first quarter. The show will be repeated tomorrow on Sky Sports 3 at 9PM GMT.