Nash/TNA Agree On Huge Deal Today, Update On Aries-TNA


Kevin Nash and TNA verbally agreed to terms today on at least a one year deal with the company which will include at least 20 appearances on TV and PPV. The paperwork has not been finished just yet but it has been agreed upon. This is the big news out of the office today and Nash is scheduled to be at the Spike TV taping next week.


Austin Aries posted on her official website: "I can confirm reports that I have received a contract offer from TNA. I'm finalizing some wording in the contract and will officially sign it early next week. TNA has a great opportunity to make some noise in the wrestling industry and provide an alternative to the WWE product that fans haven't had for some time. I'm excited about the potential of TNA and glad I'm going to be part of it." He also noted "My contract with TNA will have NO effect on my status within ROH. It's been agreed upon that even with my TNA signing I will be still be able to fulfill all my ROH commitments, including not only being able to continue wrestling on their shows but continuing to run the ROH School during the week."