No More WWE Shows At Madison Square Garden

Esteemed wrestling insider Georgiann Makropoulos of is claiming that there will be no WWE shows at Madison Square Garden this year. There are also no plans for WWE events in the year 2006 either. Apparently, there is a problem between WWE management and the management of MSG as there has been a falling out of sorts which has not yet been disclosed.


Madison Square Garden is known as the "the world's most famous arena." MSG has always been WWE's "un-official" home arena. They went to great lengths to prevent WCW from having a single event at MSG. MSG was the host of Wrestlemania's 1, 10 and 20. The McMahon's have had a presence in Madison Square Garden for over 60 years, dating back to when Vince's father, Vince McMahon Senior, promoted boxing cards. Also, Stephanie and Shane McMahon had the honor of inducting their father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, into the MSG Hall of Fame approximately two years ago.