Possible **SPOILERS** For Unforgiven Tonight

Partial Source: The Observer

Although there is the possibility of a WWE title change tonight, many insiders expect a disputed finish to setup a rematch in six weeks. This feud is scheduled to go for quite some time and it should be one of Cena's best matches to date.


The Edge-Matt Hardy feud is not scheduled to end tonight and given the recent direction on RAW, it appears Matt Hardy will get the upper hand tonight.

Chris Masters vs. HBK has been very good on house shows. The finish of this one will be interesting as Masters has never lost a TV/PPV match.

The going plan was for Ric Flair to win the IC title tonight. Flair is normally one to put over younger talent but the storyline is based off Flair never having won the title.

Ashley Massaro & Trish Stratus vs. Victoria & Torrie Wilson should be kept short but they've gone long with Women's matches on PPV before so we'll see.