**SPOILERS** WWE Friday Night SmackDown Taping Results

Thanks to RingsideMAYHEM.com reader BrEtt420x for sending this in:

Just got back from SD! live from Lubbock, TX and I gotta say what a show it was! Finally us people here in Lubbock got to see a good televised event with complete entrance/pyros and everything! We had great seats, 4th row on the floor right by the entrance way. Everything on the card from top to bottom was excellent and the Lubbock crowd was hot all night long...even the dark matches got huge ovations. Now some of the finishers and the order of certain things on the show aren't in complete order I'm sure. But I'll do my best to report everything the best I remember it. Here it goes..


A WWE InDemand 24/7 video is show (clips of Flair, HBK, Hogan and SCSA got great ovations)

Opening Dark Match

Paul London d. Jobber (The One that lost to Tomko on RAW I think)
-London was over pretty big in LBK! London at first mocked the way the jobber was walking with his chest out in the ring. London did a couple of high spots but we didn't get to see the 450 :-( London of course got the win with some kind of roll up/pinning combo I think

Camera men and Josh Matthews and Steve Romero (or whatever his name is) came to the ring to an ok ovation. People kept calling Josh "Tough Enough Boy"!


Brian Kendrick .aka. Spanky d. Jobber
-Can't remember the jobbers name. Spanky came out to a pretty good reaction and the match was on. Went back and forth and jobber got some offense in against Spanky but out of no where Spanky takes the match back and nails his Sliced Bread #2 for the win.


Scotty 2 Hotty/Funaki d. William Regal/Paul Burchill (DQ)
-What you'd expect from these four. Regal was getting a lot of heat and no one really knew who Paul was. Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki got good ovations and when they started winning the match, Regal and Burchill got Scotty outside and started kicking the hell out of him. The ref tried to get them to stop but they wouldn't and he was forced to call for the bell. (I'm pretty sure that's what happened)

Psichosis/Super Crazy w/ Juvi d. Big Vito/Nunzio
-Nunzio and Vito got pretty good heat. The Mexicools were way over with the LBK crowd. Juvi cheated during the match and caught Vito's leg when he hit the ropes. Ref threatened to eject Juvi and got a lot of heat for it. Anyways The Mexicools win some how...sorry guys.

Ring Crew comes down and switches out the ring apron and Tazz and Michael Cole come out for SD! Tazz got a great reaction (ECW chants were alive and well) Tony Chimmel announces that the want everyone to go nuts and raise their signs up because SD! is kicking off. Pyro's go off and the show is on...


Booker T w/ Sharmel d. Christian
-As you probably know Booker T was way over and Christian got good heat. The match was like most of what you've seen from these two. Sharmel got the ref's attention a couple times but almost accidentally came close to costing Booker T the match. But Booker counters with a roll up and barley gets the three. Booker T and Sharmel (who didn't like my Batista Bomb Sharmel sign) took their leave and Christian had a fit in the ring.


Stacy and Christy were shown backstage and they were interrupted by Sylvian but he was quickly cut off by Hardcore Holly who told him to match his black boots and tights he was gonna give him a black eye to match. Holly walks off and Sylvian looks worried.

Hardcore Holly w/ Stacy and Christy d. Sylvian (Count Out)
-Sylvian didn't get any reaction. Holly followed to a decent ovation. Holly knocked Sylvian around and ended up punching him right in the eye. Sylvian rolls out of the ring and is to worried about his eye to continue and leaves ringside and ref makes 10 count and hands Holly the victory. Holly/Stacy/Christy celebrate.

Palmer Cannon and Teddy Long are shown on the screen with Eddie Guerrero who is saying he's having horrible stomach pains (couldn't hear it all, crowd was giving Christian heat on his way to the back) but Eddie was saying he didn't think he could work the main event. Eddie excuses himself and goes and starts puking (off camera) and Palmer and Teddy are grossing out on the screen.

JBL comes out on a horse dressed in standard cowboy boots, jeans, jean shirt and cowboy hat and claims to be Lubbock's and Texas' "favorite son". JBL did a speech saying basically New York is better than Texas and he's glad he moved away but he likes visiting. JBL did his normal "Wrestling God" bs and left the ring...finally.


WWE Tag Team Title Bout
Animal/Heidenreich(c) d. Two Jobbers
-Quick match as always. "LOD" was over and no one had any idea who the jobbers were and didn't give them a chance at all. "LOD" dominates and "LOD" nails the Doomsday Device and it's over and "LOD" retains.

SD! crew comes out to set up ring for a "funeral" for the Undertaker. Bob Orton comes to the ring and got in the ring and rushed the crew who brought down a casket, carpet, flowers and set them up in the ring and showed what happened last week between Orton and Taker in their match. Randy Orton comes out to a lot of heat (except 12 year old girls) and talks about how he had a dumby in the casket last week and how he played mind games with Taker and said that he scared the life out of Taker and knows he'll never be the same again. Orton opens the casket and reveals the dumby but it's no dumby...it's Undertaker he reaches up and chokes Orton and steps out of the casket and tosses Orton into the casket. The casket tips over and Orton gets the hell out of the ring fast and he and his Dad roll out quick. Taker is over huge!

Batista is shown talking to Teddy Long backstage, Batista is working out...not much to note here.

Bobby Lashey (making his SD! debut) d. Simon Dean
-Dean came out on his usual scooter thing and Lashey was introduced by Chimmel and it sounds like this guy has done some impressive things in his career. Lashey comes out to a good reaction and this guy is huge! Puts TNA's Monty Brown to shame! Lashey squashes Dean and finishes him off with a modified Dominator! Lashey gets a standing ovation!


Ken Kennedy d. Rey Mysterio
-Kennedy came out and told Chimmel he finally did his announcing right and gave him a hug and apologized for being mean to him for the past month. Chimmel accepts but Kennedy trips him and starts laughing and this time announces himself again using a special mic that came down from the rafters. Mysterio was over huge. Mysterio tried for a 619 but couldn't nail it. JBL comes back out on his horse and distracts Mysterio and Kennedy catches Mysterio on the top rope and hits his top rope finisher for the win. Kennedy got huge heat and Mysterio on the way out got a standing ovation.

Sharmel is shown with Booker T and he and Sharmel were talking about his great win and kind of get into a slight argument and Sharmel told Booker he needs to step up and take the US title...telling him Christian beat Benoit and he just beat Christian and says he needs to take the respect that the company isn't giving him and get a US title shot.

Palmer and Cannon are shown and Eddie is still having pains, Palmer arranged for a hot nurse to give Eddie a rub down. Nurse comes in and Eddie is enjoying it way to much...that's all I'm gonna say, just watch it's funny stuff!

WWE US Title Bout
Chris Benoit(c) d. Orlando Jordan
-Benoit got a standing ovation and was over huge! Orlando didn't like me calling him Buck Wheat and called me a "Little Punk". Orlando outlasted the usual 25 seconds by ducking behind the ropes. When he saw the clock was passed 25 he was like "I told you so..." and Benoit locks on the Crossface and makes Orlando submit immediately!


Batista sneaks in the room where Eddie is getting a massage and makes the nurse step aside and scares the hell out of Eddie. Eddie says he doesn't know if he will be able to wrestle.

Batista/Eddie Guerrero d. MNM
-It was a tag match but Eddie didn't wrestle the entire match and laid around the guardrail and held his stomach and Batista beat the hell out of MNM and took control of the match and nailed Mercury with a Batista Bomb and then Eddie sneaks up and makes a blind tag and hits the Frog Splash to win the match. Batista seems upset and Eddie quickly jumps up and praises Batista and presents him with the World Title and hugs him and acts like everything is cool.

SD! Ends

Special Six Man Tag Begins

Undertaker/Rey Mysterio/Batista d. JBL/Randy Orton/Eddie Guerrero
-Eddie never wrestled he asked JBL and Orton if he could leave because things were gonna start smelling a whole lot worse if he stayed at ringside. They let him leave and the match starts. Basically a comedy match with JBL and Orton not being able to catch Mysterio in the ring. Finish sees Batista and Undertaker finish off Orton and JBL for the win. Undertaker, Batista and Mysterio pose for the crowd. JBL leaves and Orton follows and gives himself a wedgie so everyone can see his ass...sick I know.


Overall a great show! Awesome just a hundred or so tickets left!

Best Pop
-Rey Mysterio
-Chris Benoit

Worst Heat
-Randy Orton
-Eddie Guerrero
-Ken Kennedy