**SPOILERS** WWE Friday SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to Henry Petty for sending in the following results:

I didn t' arrive in time for the dark matches, only for the opening of Smackdown.

The show starts out with Benoit vs. Jordan with interference by Booker T & Christian.
Teddy Long turns the match into a tag.


Booker T and Chris Benoit def. Orlando Jordan and Christian.

Animal and Heidenreich def. MNM.

GM Long and the Network guy announce Eddie Gurrero as the #1 Contender for the world championship. He tells Batista that he respects him and that they are going to be best friends. Eddie goes for a handshake, and Batista says, friends don't shake hands....they hug," they embrace for a hug as Eddie looks bewildered.

Randy Orton and Orton are seen with a U-Haul, saying it will guarantee his victory.

Ken Kennedy gets a ton of heat when he asks what that smell is on Josh Matthews, and he says it doesn t smell like cologne, but like Arkansas. This got the crowd really worked up.

Ken Kennedy beats unannounced wrestler (bald guy with black and blue tights – didn't recognize him) with his usual finisher. Crowd was really into this guy. He got more of a reaction than expected.


Nunzio complains about not being on the show even though he is the champ, so the network guy (with help from Eddie Gurrero) makes a match with Nunzio vs. Batista

Rey Mysterio def. JBL when JBL missed the clothesline from hell and Mysterio did a splash off the ropes for the pin

JBL recruits Julie? (girl with burn on her face) to join his team.

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton is the main event. During the match, Bob Orton backs a U-HAUL up to the ring, opens it, and rolls a casket out. Match goes long. Both men are out by the casket, and it opens up to reveal a lifelike Undertaker lying dead in the casket. This really was disturbing to the crowd and to me personally. Match goes back and forth, ref bump, RKO on Undertaker, Bob Orton brings out a ref and they count but Undertaker kicks out. Undertaker pins Randy with a chokeslam. Then gives Orton a tombstone and the original ref. and gets the pin.