**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

James C. sent this report.

Hey I just returned from the supershow. When I first entered the building I went to the concession stand. They were selling the Captain Charisma t-shirts.


The first & only dark match of the night was Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Paul Burchill. Burchill rolled up Scotty who was doing the worm.

Benoit vs. Christian was next but Orlando Jordan came out and said he refuses to go down as the man who tapped out in 22.5 seconds. OJ attacked Benoit and then took over the match. Christian waited outside the ring & then ran in double teamed Benoit. This brought out Booker T and was made a tag team match. OJ shoved Benoit off the top rope & Christian hit the unprettier on Benoit. BT got heat from Benoit for not making the save.

Stacy was helping Christy with her outfit when Batista comes up. He then runs into Simon Dean who drinks the protein shake & spits it on a agent. Batista then takes a drink of it.


Teddy Long is the ring w/Cannon Palmer. Teddy brings out Batista. Batista said JBL is in the past and that he was here to talk about the future and name a #1 contender. Teddy begins to introduce the #1 contender by saying that he is a family man, a high flyer and on a hot streak. Long was about to introduce Rey but Palmer cuts him off and announces Eddie Guerrero who came out to a new entrance. I did not see Smackdown last so I do know if he had the entrance last week. Eddie says that his worst addiction was to manipulation. Eddie said that when he beat Rey last week he found a new addiction- Respect, honor. He said that he was the new Eddie. Eddie says that he does not lie ,cheat or steal anymore. Eddie was trying to be best friends w/Batista. Batista said that best friends do shake hands they hug. Batista then hugged Eddie, who had a deceitful look.

Next match was Animal & Heidenreich vs. MNM for the tag titles. Lod won disqualification after MNM used 1 of the titles on Heidenreich.

Teddy tells Palmer that they are supposed to be working together. Eddie says he is happy. They was a rift between Long & Palmer.

Randy & Cowboy Bob Orton are in the back. Bob has a surprise for his son- the night legacy of the Undertaker will die.


Next match was JBL vs. Rey ,who also had a new entrance. Rey wins with a springboard off the ropes. This was a very entertaining match.

Nunzio is in the back & says ever since he won the cruiserweight title he has not appeared on Smackdown. Eddie is also back there with Long & Palmer. Eddie makes a champion vs. champion match with Batista vs. Nunzio. Palmer tells Eddie no wonder the network likes you.

Josh Matthews is in the back when JBL walks by. Matthews tells JBL you lost the world title match last week & then this week you lost to Rey. JBL walks off and the Ken Kennedy comes up to Matthews. He tells Josh that he needs to change his underpants and that he smells like Arkansas which drew major heat. Kennedy then comes out next to face an unnamed opponent. Kennedy wins in a squash.

Batista vs. Nunzio. Batista comes out to good fan reaction while Nunzio got none. Eddie starts down the ramp cheering on Batista. Batista wins w/Batista Bomb. He sees Eddie outside the ring & gives him the double thumbs up.

Randy & father are then shown looking at a u-haul truck.

JBL is in his locker room when Michelle McCool comes in. He says that he needs help. He asks her to work for him. She accepts.


Orton vs. Undertaker. Undertaker attempts the old school but Orton kicks UT who crotches the top rope. Orton then superplexes UT and then calls out his father, who is directing the u-haul truck to the ring. Bob then opens the truck to reveal a casket. UT & Randy stare each other down and then go outside the ring. Taker opens the casket & attempts to put Orton in it when he sees a mannequin of himself in the casket. Taker attempts the last ride then bumps into the ref. Orton hits the RKO on Taker who kicks out at 2. Taker with a chokeslam to Randy. Taker is covering Orton when Bob pulls the ref out. Bob enters the ring and is then thrown out by Taker. Taker then with the tombstone on Randy for the 3 count. This was the match off the night by far. I felt Smackdown was a lot better than Raw which is strange. This was probably the best Smackdown that I can remember in quite some time.

Onto my Raw notes. Shawn & Flair delivered another great promo. During the Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White they received boring chants. For the most part I thought it was a pretty dull match. Benjamin was still down in the ring for about a minute or 2 after Angle's promo. Benjamin was holding his lower back & side on his way out. Torrie, Candice, Victoria and Ashley were hot to look at delivered a dull promo. Crowd erupted for Trish. It was great to see Trish back. Flair vs. Masters. Crowd was way into Flair & Michaels. I thought Flair Master through a pretty decent match. Wished Carlito was doing his cabana instead of the run in. Flair & Michaels hugged each other after the match. Eugene was over with the crowd. Murdoch looks like a spitting image of Dirty Dick. Angle got a good reaction from the crowd chanting you suck to him. Crowd could care less about Tomko. Cena was way over with the crowd with an exception of a few Cena sucks chants. Bischoff was standing on the ramp for about 5 minutes before he came down to the ring. Angle delivered a hell of a move when he suplexed Cena with Tomko on his shoulders. After the beat down following the match, Cena could not stand on his left leg and was helped to the back by refs. I would estimate the total crowd at around 6,000-7,500.


Doug Adams sent this report.

I just got back from the RAW/SmackDown! Supershow, and noticed you haven't posted any Smackdown spoilers yet, so I thought I would throw some your way. (please note that these are not detailed just a quick report.)

Ok, here we go...

Dark Match. Scotty 2 Hotty vs Paul Burchill w/William Regal
Short little match with Burchill getting the clean pin.

Match 1.Chris Benoit vs Christian. Orlando Jordan comes down and complains about not getting another shot at Benoit, so with Christian on the outside, Benoit and OJ lock up. Benoit locks in the crossface very quickly only to be attacked by Christian, which brings out Booker T. Thus, match number one becomes.

Chris Benoit & Booker T vs Christian & Orlando Jordan
Nice back and forth action, with Christian and Orlando getting the W.

Segment: Out come Teddy Long and Palmer Cannon. Teddy Brings out Batista, and says that it is time for a new #1 Cont., then, when Teddy gets ready to bring out Rey Mysterio, Palmer grabs the mic and announces Eddie Guerrero. Eddie comes out and says he is a changed man. He says that even though him and Batista will fight at No Mercy that does not mean they have to be enemies. Eddie asks Batista to be his friend, and Batista accepts.


Match 2. LOD 2005 vs MNM
Fairly short match that saw LOD get the win when Nitro is caught using the tag title belt as a weapon.

Match 3. Ken Kennedy vs ??? (Name was never announced.) Extremely short bout with Kennedy scoring the pin after the Kenton Bomb.

Segment 2 Nunzio and Vito are in Teddy Longs office saying that since he is the Cruiserweight champion he should be on Smackdown. Eddie Guererro then gives Palmer an idea, and then we have Batista vs Nunzio later tonight.

Match 4. Rey Mysterio vs JBL
Another fairly quick match that say Rey Rey get the upset after a springboard moonsault off the top rope to a standing JBL.

Match 5.Batista vs Nunzio w/Vito
Very quick match, that ended when Batista destroyed Nunzio with a Batista Bomb.

Segment 3. Randy Orton and Bob Orton are showed backstage with a U-Haul trailer. Randy asks Bob if the Undertakers surprise is ready, Cowboy Bob says it is.

Segment 4. JBL is sitting in his dressing room when Jillian Hall walks in. JBL asks Jillian if she would like to come work for him, she accepts. (Please Note. Sorry guys but I am not 100% sure this went exactly like this but it definitely was along them lines.)

Match 6. Randy Orton vs Undertaker
This match went a pretty good amount of time and was really fun. both guys hit most of their top moves. Toward the end Bob Orton brings out the U-Haul trailers and opens it, and reveals a coffin. Taker and Orton continue wrestling but soon end up on the outside, and Taker opens the casket to find Himself (or a very lifelike looking wax dummy?) inside, Orton tries to capitalize on the stunned Undertaker but is unsuccessful, Taker scores the pin after a Tombstone Piledriver.