"The Ultimate Warrior" Appears On Byte This

On this Byte This tonight, it was said that the Ultimate Warrior would have his response during the show. After Edge was on the show talking about his upcoming match with Matt Hardy, sure enough, "The Ultimate Warrior" appeared on the show.


Apparently, it was an Ultimate Warrior impersonator. He was wearing a paper mask and a wig. He screamed and did a dead-on impression of Warrior and did many of his mannerisms. He had a piece of paper and read part of Warrior's real response that showed up on UltimateWarrior.com last night. He just read the part of the rant where he refuses to do Byte This.

Also, Todd Grisham responded to The Ultimate Warrior calling him queer in his rant last night. Grisham mentioned that he is in fact straight, although, he mentioned he "experimented" in college. I think he was joking on that. Grisham seemed to take it well and didn't seem the least bit upset. Grisham wasn't the only one who responded to the what Warrior said in his rant last night.


They then got Droz on the phone to comment on Warrior calling him a cripple in his commentary. Droz called him "The Anabolic Warrior" and thought it was pretty low for Warrior to say what he said about him. Droz then mentioned that he looked forward to seeing the DVD anyways. Droz didn't seem too upset judging from the tone of his voice.

Also, The Warrior impersonator actually made several jokes about taking steroids. Grisham then revealed as to who was impersonating The Ultimate Warrior and it turned out to be none other than Raw Superstar Matt Striker. Beforing joining WWE, Matt Striker did dead-on impersonations of various 80's WWF stars such as "Macho Man" Randy Savage and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper on independent promotions such as 3PW.

He then stayed on the rest of the show talking about how it was a dream to be employed by WWE and about losing his job as a teacher. He fielded some questions from callers and did some more impersonations in-between calls of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Mean Gene Okerlund, Howard Finkel, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Randy Savage and The Rock. Grisham also got into the act and did a pretty good impersonation of Randy Savage.

The show should be archived on WWE.com very soon for people that missed it, to watch it. It was surreal to say the least.