Vince McMahon Blasts TNA, UFC, & Spike TV Earlier Today

Kenneth Suna sent in the following recap of WWE's shareholder meeting:

Hey, thought you might be interested in a brief recap of the WWE Stockholder meeting which is posted below:

I went to the WWE stockholder meeting today in Stamford, CT. Vince said some interesting stuff, mostly about hollywood and other media outlets. He talked about the cruiserweights and that they need to establish personalities so the fans like them, not risk their lives. He said he only allows the pros to do the hi-flying, not the guy who thinks he knows how. He addressed the tag team problem and said it is on the mend. Vince mentioned they will be going to 15 pay per views per YEAR. Gross.


A fan asked Vince if Shane or Steph will take over when he retires and Vince said something very VERY interesting,

"Just because you have the last name McMahon does not mean you will take over the company. Same goes for if your last name is Leveque." Oooh, so, Triple H may be taking over after all someday. Vince said you must EARN the opportunity to work for this company, you have to prove that you want it. Vince said he pities his children because he makes them work EXTRA hard, at which point Linda did an RVD move, pointing to herself and said, "and me!"

A fan questioned Vince about new talents coming to the WWE. He said there are plenty in the developmental school, but one already on Smackdown has a VERY bright future, and that man is Ken Kennedy....KENNEDY.


When asked about UFC and the new Monday Night Wars, he laughed and said Spike is hallucinating. He thought UFC had a good thing going, but that it will get slaughtered to compete w/ the WWF. Vince said the owner of Spike is throwing UFC against RAW because he is spiteful that they switched back to USA. When I asked him privately about TNA, he said, "let them do what they want. I don't view them as a threat."

Yes, there will be ANOTHER Diva Search next year...boooring.

Somebody asked him about his workout to which he responded,

"I'm leg pressing 1000 pounds now, which my doctor advises against, but whatever." I piped in that he beats me in the leg press by 400 pounds, he checked out my legs and said, "good work."

Linda McMahon drives a BEAUTIFUL Mercedes SL500 – burgundy.

After autographs and pictures, we were given a tour of the television studio (where the meeting was held). We saw where Smackdown is edited, where Jim Johnston records the music, and the WWE/ECW/WCW/NWA library which is absolutely AMAZING. It was a sight to see 70,000 hours worth of tape cassettes.

All in all, the day was amazing. Vince looked to be in great shape, was VERY nice to all of the fans, took his time to answer, chat and sign autographs. Same went for Linda, although she left quickly after the meeting whereas Vince stayed, chatting.


Vince seemed to be in a great mood and the reason being...? Check below, this was just issued by WWE:

Press Release Source: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., Declares Quarterly Dividend
Thursday September 15, 4:57 pm ET

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 15, 2005–World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE?) announced that its board of directors today declared the Company's regular quarterly dividend of $0.12 per share on all Class A and Class B common stock. The record date for the dividend will be September 30, 2005, and the payment date will be October 11, 2005.