WWE Confirms Deal With Dusty Rhodes; Plans For SD

Confirming the report from earlier this evening, WWE.com posted a fairly lengthy interview with the newly signed Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes will assume a role on the creative team for WWE SmackDown.

Speaking about the offer, Rhodes said, "I think it's just opportunity to continue what I've really enjoyed doing since 1974, and that's create exciting scenarios. Being able to work with a group of young kids and some veterans to give my opinion on some stuff and my ideas, I think that is exciting too."


Rhodes specifically plans to make SmackDown! a spicier, more electrifying show. "[SmackDown!]'s got great athletes and they've got great action, they've done some tremendous stuff, but I want it to knock you off the couch when it opens up," Rhodes said.

The industry veteran, who is heavily anticipating working under Stephanie McMahon, still hopes to have a final match with Ric Flair.