WWE Heat & Velocity Move To WWE.com

From WWE.com:

Monday Night RAW isn't the only WWE show that is moving.

Starting next weekend, both HEAT and Velocity will now be available to watch on WWE.com. The VOD-style programs available to residents of the United States will still feature the same great original matches. In addition, however, each show will also have unique content never before seen on the program.


So be sure to log onto WWE.com next Friday afternoon to watch the inaugural edition of HEAT on the Internet. Then watch Velocity on Saturday morning, starting at 10 a.m. ET.

Note: As noted here on the site this past week, the wrestlers were informed at a recent pre-show meeting that there would be no roster cuts due to Heat and Velocity being cancelled in the United States. They still need to tape Heat for international viewing so they decided to also add the show to WWE.com similar to what TNA does with Impact! Linda McMahon also noted in a recent conference call that WWE was really going to try and add more content to the WWE.com website.