WWE RAW Results (9/5/05): Divas Match, Angle/Eugene; & More!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, September 5th, 2005
Location: The Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, TN
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Start of the Show:

The music of Kurt Angle hits and he makes his way out to the ring to a chorus of "you suck" chants from the Nashville crowd. He is set for action against Eugene!

Referee: Jack Doan
Kurt Angle vs. Eugene

The start:

Waist lock by Angle early with a back to belly release. Angle unloads on Eugene in the corner before clubbing him in the chin and ripping at his face by the ropes. Angle backs Eugene in the corner where he unloads right hands before stomping the life out of Eugene. Angle then hits a back suplex and he gets a near fall.

Mid match notes:

Angle places Eugene in a rear chin lock before pulling at his mouth and clubbing the back of his neck several times. Angle gives Eugene a side backbreaker and then covers twice for two near falls. Angle works Eugene off the ropes and he clubs him to the mat. He slams Eugene's head off the turnbuckle but Eugene is not affected! Eugene freaks out and drops Angle with a spinebuster! He runs at Angle but Angle gets his elbow up. Angle then takes Eugene by the legs and he slams them off the steel ring post!

The Finish:

Angle slams Eugene's leg off the steel ring post one more time before pulling him in the middle of the ring. He takes the straps off and slaps on the ankle lock! Eugene taps instantly!

Winner: Kurt Angle

The AfterMath:

Kurt Angle wanted more and he slapped Eugene around before trying to break his ankle! Eugene is in trouble but John Cena makes the save! He and Angle exchange right hands until Cena gets the upper hand, does a shuffle and knocks Angle flat out of the ring! Cena turns around though and Tyson Tomko kicks him right in the face with a big boot. Angle stood over Cena saying "you didn't see that," as WWE goes to a commercial.

Bischoff's hired hand..

Bischoff is with Tyson Tomko talking about how awesome that kick was. Angle comes in and goes crazy saying Tomko is the man. He says Tomko deserves a match against Cena. Bischoff makes it so!

Referee: Chris Kay
Val Venis and Viscera vs. The Heart Throbs

The start:

Romeo and Val Venis start it out. Romeo gains control in the corner working over Venis with kicks, Venis springs out of the corner with a clothesline followed by chops and short run knees finishing with a russian leg sweep. Antonio hits the ring, Venis cracks him, Romero grabs Venis but Venis gives him a reverse suplex after a few reversals.

Mid Match Notes:

Viscera is tagged in and he misses a big splash. Antonio is tagged in and he gets in trouble trying to cheap shot Val Venis. Viscera gives him a spinebuster and Venis goes to the top rope. Romeo comes in and stands over Antonio so Venis cannot splash him, Venis chases him around but this allows Antonio to kick him in the knee sending him down. Val stays in trouble but eventually makes a big tag to Viscera who demolishes the heart throbs with clotheslines and back body drops.

The Finish:

Viscera goes to splash both heart throbs but they get their feet up and kick him. One runs at him but he gets them in a firemans carry, the other runs but he uses one as a bat to hit the other! He then drops one with a samoan drop to get the victory!

Winners: Viscera and Val Venis

Carlito's Cabana:

Carlio makes his way to the ring for another edition of the Cabana! He welcomes his latest guest, the winner of the 2005 Diva Search, Ashley! She comes to the ring and Carlito says "Well Heloooooooo Asslee." She corrects him and then he makes fun of her wardrobe saying with the big check she should have gotten a new one. He makes fun of her a little but then makes fun of her hair, she gives it right back to him about the hair and he says that it's not cool. He said nobody comes to the Canaba and picks on Carlito, especially Ric Flair. Carlito takes respondsibility for Flair's attack last week. Carliot says when you insult him, bad things happen. Carlito then says since Ashley has been here, bad things have happened to her already. We roll highlights of last week. Carlito talks about her match this week against Torrie Wilson and Ashley says she can kick her butt. Carlito mocks her and then says he has an initiation of his own. He bites an apple and Ashley backs away. Before he can spit it, Ric Flair's music hits and he runs to the ring! Carlito tries to take him down but Flair grabs him by the jewels and walks around the ring with them! He walks into a corner and chops on Carlito still holding his jewels. Carlito tries to hit him but Flair bites his hand! Flair chops him down and tosses the apple box at him. He sends Carlito out of the ring and he grabs a mic. He says he's taking Carlito to school and Carlito likes to take a bit out of apples well at Unforgiven, Flair will take a bite of his ass! Flair then goes buck wild, dropping an elbow and a knee on apples lying around the ring. He woos the crowd and says he will be the new IC champ and that's cool!

Another promo for Cade and Murdoch is shown as J.R tells us they will take on Rosey and The Hurricane tonight in a non title match!

A package is shown from last week with Edge and Matt Hardy. After the promo, Bischoff is standing in his office and Matt Hardy walks in! Eric talks to him about what he did last week putting all the fans in danger. Hardy says he doesn't care and he wants Edge to suffer. Bischoff hands him a contract for a steel cage match at Unforgiven. Hardy signs it and says Edge will realize that Matt Hardy will not die. Bischoff says he wants to test that theory and he will face Snitsky next

Referee: Chad Patton
Matt Hardy vs. Snitsky

The music of Matt Hardy hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring in his street clothes, for this "tune up" match with Snitsky.

The start:

Before the match could start, Edge's music hit and he made his way out in a neck brace, with Lita by his side. They joined the commentary team. Snitsky went to nail Hardy, but Hardy avoided it and then nailed some right hands, and Hardy is in no condition to compete here. Hardy scored with some right hands but then Snitsky nailed him with a clothesline. Snitsky stomped at Hardy and then gave him a scoop slam and then a stomp to the head. Snitsky went outside and then dragged Hardy onto the apron, and kicked him in the head. Back inside, and Snitsky nailed some more right hands and then hit a clothesline in the corner as the fans got behind Hardy.

Mid Match Notes/Finish:

Hardy nailed the Side Effect and then went to the outside and went up the aisle for Edge but Snitsky nailed him from behind. Snitsky threw Hardy into the ring steps, as Edge laughed away on commentary. Back in the ring, and Snitsky nailed a spinning side slam for the victory.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

After the match, Snitsky grabbed the ring bell and then laughed as he stood over Hardy. The music of the Big Show then hit as he stormed down to the ring, looking in a pissed off mood. Snitsky nailed Hardy in the head and then bailed through the crowd as the Big Show entered the ring. The damage has been done to Matt Hardy, and Edge and Lita loved it. Show stared down Snitsky as he made his way through the crowd.

Referee: Chris Kay
Tyson Tomko vs. John Cena

Tyson Tomko made his way to the ring to face off against the champion, John Cena.

The start:

Cena runs to the ring and he tackles Tomko and unloads on him before sending him corner to corner nailing him with back elbows and clotheslines followed by a big vertical suplex. Cena drops a few elbows on Tomko and then goes for a cover. Tomko gets a poke to his eye and then gives Cena a spinebuster.

Mid Match Notes:

Tomko drops Cena with a powerslam and he nearly gets a pinfall. Tomko unloads with knees on Cena's head followed by a suplex for another near fall. Tomko places him in a rear chin lock. Cena fights back to a vertical base but Tomko takes his head off with a sick clothesline. Tomko waits with the boot but he misses and Cena nails him with a shoulder block, two clotheslines and hip toss followed by a spinning back suplex bomb! Cena gives Tomko the five knuckle shuffle after a you can;t see me!

The Finish:

Cena waits for Tomko to get up as he pumps his shoes. Tomko gets to his feet and Cena plants him with the FU! He covers and gets the victory!

Winner: John Cena

Cena is making his way back up the ramp when he is attacked from behind by Angle! Angle clobbers him a million times before ripping at his face and deliuvering several knees to his face. He slams Cena off the Titan Tron side and he continues to unload on him. Angle then gives him an Angle slam on the steel ramp entrance! Angle picks up the WWE title and he holds it over Cena with a sick demonic look on his face.

Angle speaks:

Todd catches up with Kurt Angle in the pack and asks him if there is a pattern with these attacks on John Cena. Angle says Cena is a farce and he talks to his chain gang about "real." Angle says he is the realest of real. He says he's going to take An gle's ass to school at Unforgiven because he is the most viscious son on a b—h in the WWE!

Referee: Chris Kay
Ashley vs. Torrie Wilson

Torrie made her way to the ring with Candice and Victoria to face off against the new Diva.

The match:

Torrie knocks down Ashley after she turns her back. Torrie kicks on her several times before picking her up by the hair and tossing her across the ring. Ashley hits a sunset flip but it doesn't work well. Torrie knocks her over and then steps on her hair pulling her arms before giving her a double dropkick to the back of the head. Ashley gets a boot on Torrie and she tackles her and slams her head off the mat! Ashley throws Torrie by the hair across the ring. Candice goes to grab Ashley's foot but Ashley steps on it! However, Victoria gives he a low bridge and Ashley goes flying outside the ring. Victoria picks her up and drops her on the apron face first. Victoria tosses her back in the ring and Torrie drops her with an Xfactor face slam for the 1..2..3.

Winner: Torrie Wilson

Referee: Chris Kay
Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Conway

Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring to take on Ron Conway!

The start:

The bell rings but the music of Kewrwin White hits and he comes out in a golf cart to the ring to some crappy music and this allows Conway to drop Shelton from the back and unload on him. Shelton eventually fights back and nails a clothesline followed by a samoan drop for a two count!

Mid Match Notes:

Conway ducks a blow from Shelton and tosses him to the outside where he slams him off the security padding before giving him a suplex on the mat outside the ring! Kerwin White looks on in approval as he golf claps in his cart. Conway stomps away on Shelton's back before giving him a neckbreaker for a near fall. Conway slaps on a reverse chin lock to wear Shelton down a bit. Shelton makes his way back to his feet and the two men do battle hand to hand until Shelton drops Conway with a hard right followed by two clotheslines and a scoop slam. Shelton gives Conway a sliding clothesline for a two count. The two men fight towards the apron, almost falling on the golf cart but Shelton nails Conway with a knee to the face followed by the top rope clothesline for a near fall!

The Finish:

Shelton runs Conway to the ropes and rolls him up but Conway pushes him off and Shelton runs into the ropes but Kerwin White trips him with a golf club and Conway rolls Shelton up for a quick 3!

Winner: Rob Conway

Non Title Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Cade and Murdoch vs. Rosey and The Hurricane

The tag team champions made their way to the ring to take on the new comers, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch!

The start:

Murdoch starts it off with the Hurricane, he backs him into a corner but misses a kick. The two men lock up and Murdoch works over the back of Hurricane but Hurricane ducks a blow, gives Murdoch a "whassupwitdat?!" and then drops him with an arm drag before tagging Rosey who gives Murdoch a couple hard slams.

Mid Match Notes:

Rosey dominates Murdoch a bit but Cade gets involved and the two men ring Rosey up on the top rope. Cade comes in and works Rosey down choking him using the ropes as Murdoch gets in a few cheap shots. Both men give Rosey a double clothesline and then Murdoch clubs him across the face. He tags Cade and they give Rosey a double suplex for a near fall. Cade then wears Rosey down but Rosey fights back but Cade shows his agression powering Rosey into the corner and unloading on him. Murdoch is tagged in and he gives Rosey a bionic elbow before tagging Cade back in. Cade unloads on Rosey in the corner, but Cade climbs the top and Rosey slams him off of it and down to the mat. Hurricane is finally tagged and he unloads on Murdoch with a dropkick from the middle rope followed by a flying headscissor. He picks him up and unloads on him with right hands, he runs off the ropes and tries a cross body but Murdoch catches him but he falls down and Hurricane nearly gets a cover.

The Finish:

Cade hits the ring but Rosey nails him and they take their fight to the outside. This allows Murdoch to hit a chin breaker on the Hurricane followed by an impressive top rope bulldog. He covers The Hurricane and gets a three count!

Winners: Cade and Murdoch

Masters talks with Todd in the back about how great he is. Footage is shown of Ric Flair going outcold on the Master Lock last week. Masters says the footage, like him, gets better every week! Todd says Masters faces his biggest challenge tonight. Masters says it's not a challenge at all because he's made 300 pound men beg on their knees.

Master Lock Challenge:

Masters comes to the ring ready to put HBK in the Master Lock for this challenge! The Heart Break Kid makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation! HBK hesitates sitting in the seat a couple of times before sitting in it. Masters doesn't like his first grip and gets up and asks for a towel to whipe his hands. HBK sits again and this time the Master Lock is ON. HBK fights and fights around the ring, running into the posts, using the ropes to jump and land on Masters but the lock cannot be broken. HBK starts to fade but then regains life and he makes Masters eat turnbuckle but he STILL holds on! HBK backs into the buckle 4 times and then uses the ropes to land on Masters again but the lock is STILL on. HBK will not give up though and he stands and flails one final time but he finally starts to go out but as the ref picks his hand up Michaels revives and stands to his feet! HBK throws a mule kick at the jewels of Masters and he is about the break the lock but Masters throws him down! Masters grabs the steel chair and cracks HBK over the head with it when he gets to his feet. He then slaps on the Master lock again and this time HBK goes clean out. Masters stands over HBK as Raw goes off the air.

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