WWE RAW Results (9/19/05): Vince McMahon Returns!

WWE RAW Results (9/19/05): Vince McMahon Returns!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, September 19th, 2005
Location: The Kay Yeager Coliseum in Wichita Falls, Texas
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Start of Show:

The music of GM Eric Bischoff hit the waves as he made his way to the ring with a title over his shoulder as the crowd looks on confused at him. He's smiling as he grabs a mic and begins to speak. He says clearly after Unforgiven last night, there is a great deal of confusion about who the WWE champoion is. He says he is here to clear this up and he has a MAJOR announcement to make but first he wants to introduce us to the ONLY Olympic gold medalist in the WWE; Kurt Angle!

Angle makes his way to the ring to his usual noise from the crowd. Angle poses to the crowd as they boo him and it seems as if he is celebrating victory or something. Bischoff says last night, Cena showed a blatant disregard for the rules, especially placing his hands on Eric Bischoff himself. He says he can do something about it though and by the power vested in him, by the WWE board of directors, he hereby strips John Cena of the WWE TITLE!!! He then introduces to us, his new WWE champion.... Vince McMAhon's music hits and he makes his way to the arena himself to the delight of the crowd! The Boss is here!

Angle extends his hand to the boss and he shakes it. Eric says he is surprised to see Vince McMahon. Angle butts in and says Mr. McMahon came here to personally thank him for beating John Cena last night. McMahon gives Angle congrats on his big win but says he has a bone to pick with Bischoff. Angle gets involved more and says as new WWE champion he will uphold the 3 I's and finally be someone others can look up to in this company. Vince asks who made him WWE champion, and Angle poinjts to Bischoff. Vince says he has no authority to do that! Vince corrects it all after mocking the helkl out of Bischoff, who whined about Cena. McMAhon then talks about two weeks from tonight, Monday, October 3rd, a WWE homecoming. Coming back home will be the hardcore legend Mick Foley, HHH, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold Steve Austin! He then looks at Bischoff and says there will also be something else happening and he does have the authority to do this. Angle asks if it involves him. Bischoff says two weeks from tonight, John Cena goes one on one in a WWE title match against you.... (Angle smiles but then..) Vince says "ERIIIIIIIIIC BISCHOOOOOOOOF"! Easy E can't believe his eyes as the boss walks out of the ring strutting his stuff.


Trish is shown stretching in the back getting ready for her match against Torrie.

Eric Bischoff talks about not wanting to face John Cena. He begs Vince McMahon to do the right thing and says he'll be so busy planning the show he'd be better off backstage! McMahon says he will think about it. He gets in his limo and Bischoff is starting to have hope but then he says the match is still on and leaves the arena!

Referee: Chris Kay
Torrie vs. Trish Stratus

Torrie came down to the ring with a puppy in hand and her posse as she is set to face the women's chamoion, Trish Stratus, who has Ashley by her side. Torrie Wilson is in a very hot pink outfit, Ashley in a min-skirt, and WOW.

The match:

Trish gets taken outside the ring early by Victoria who pulls her outside. Torrie rolls her back in the ring but Trish gains control. Action heads back outside where Ashley gives Torrie's friends a double clothesline and Trish kicks Torrie in the gut. Back in the ring, Trish stays in control with chops and punches to Torrie. Trish goes for the 10 punch but the referee gets distracted by Candice and Torrie rolls her up but Trish kicks out. Torrie argues with her girls and then Trish rolls her up for the win. What a nice shot this was.

Winner: Trish Stratus

After the match, the bad girls decimate Ashley and Trish. Ashley gets hung up by Candice and then face dropped by Torrie as Trish is given the widow's peak from Victoria.

Referee: Chad Patton
Trevor Murdoch vs. The Hurricane

Murdoch and Cade make their way to the ring with their new belts as Murdoch will go one on one with the Hurricane, who has Rosey along with him!

The start:

The men go to lock up but Murdoch kicks Hurricane in the gut. Hurricane however goes wild on Murdoch and beats him into the corner where he unleashes on him. Trvor ducks out of the ring to regroup with his partner but when he gets back in the ring, Hurricane slams him down to the mat and he heads outside again but Rosey throws him back in where the Hurricane nails him with a flying headscissor followed by punches but Murdocch turns the tides hanging Hurricane face first on the middle apron.

Mid Match Notes:

Murdoch gives Hurricane a clubbing blow followed by a torque of the neck and then into a rear chin lock, working on the hurt neck of the Hurricane. The Hurricane works his way back and Murdoch tries to score the DDT but misses and Hurricane shows signs of life, kicking Murdoch in the sternum followed by a mega clothesline. Hurricane then nails a dropkick from the middle rope but he hurts his shoulder in the process.

The Finish:

He clubs at Murdoch with one arm and then mounts him to punch him but Murdoch ducks under and Hurricane hits his chin on the top rope further hurting his neck. Murdoch kicks him in the gut and plants him with a DDT and gets the pinfall victory!

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

The Former IC champion:

Todd talks to Carlito about losing his title. Carlito says he did not lose, he did not tap, his hand slipped and tonight he will beat Ric Flair and once again become the champion and that.. is cool.

Edge Demands...

Edge talks to Bischoff demanding that Raw be rid of Matt Hardy, Bischoff says he can't handle demands right now, he's not the only guy with problems. Bischoff says he is sick of them going at it every week and then says that on the same night he faces John Cena, Edge will face Matt Hardy on a loser leaves Raw match in a ladder match. When Edge asks about what will be above the ladder, Bischoff says it will be his money in the bank briefcase!

Referee: Jack Doan
Eddie Craven vs. Tyson Tomko

The match:

Tyson Tomko nails a jobber with the big boot and he is declared knocked out.

Winner: Tyson Tomko

Intercontinental Title Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Ric Flair (c) vs. Carlito

Back live on RAW and the music of Ric Flair hit as he made his way to the ring as the Intercontinental Champion after winning it last night at Unforgiven!

The start:

The two locked it up and Flair backed Carlito to the corner and then wooed at him. They locked up again and Carlito grabbed a side headlock and then hit a shoulderblock and then slapped Flair, and then Flair shook his head. Another lock up and Flair nailed a huge chop on Carlito to knock him off his feet, and Carlito bailed to the outside and kicked the barricade in frustration.

Mid Match Notes:

Back inside and Flair nailed another chop on Carlito and then got him in the corner and unloaded with another chop, and then started to stomp the leg of Carlito and he bailed to the outside. Jerry Lawler: "Flair gave me one of those pills he took last night, and it got stuck in my throat and gave me a stiff neck all day!". Back in the ring and Flair took Carlito down and worked the arm with a hammerlock on the canvas. Flair stomped the arm and then chopped Carlito some more in the corner before knocking Carlito off his feet once more, and going back to work the arm as the fans got behind the Nature Boy. Carlito raked the eyes of Flair and then clotheslined him to the outside of the ring. Back in, and Carlito took advantage with stomps in the corner on Flair, and then some left hands from the south paw. Carlito hit a back body drop out of the corner and then covered but Flair kicked out at two. Carlito kicked Flair in the head and there is a huge swelling above his eye. Flair poked Carlito in the eye and then chopped him. Flair nailed a right hand to the head and then set Carlito up in the corner and went to grab him low but the referee stopped him and Carlito came back with right hands and mounted punches in the corner.

Carlito hit some chops of his own in the corner but Flair came back with more of his own, and then took Carlito off his feet and went to the outside and grabbed Carlito.s apple. Flair took a bite and spat it all over Carlito.s face! Flair ripped at the face of Carlito and then gave him straight lefts and rights in the corner before nailing another chop. Flair strutted across the ring and snapped Carlito.s neck across the top rope. Flair choked Carlito some and went to suplex him from the apron into the ring but Carlito blocked. Flair then sent Carlito head first into the corner and nailed a chop to knock Carlito to the outside as we went to commercial.

When we come back, Carlito is in control as we saw that he played possum during the break, clocking Flair in the face at the top of the ramp. He now has Flair in a rear chin lock as the crowd gets behind Flair. The nature Boy works his way back to his feet but Carlito hits him with a spinebuster off the ropes for a two count. Carlito nails a vertical suplex and he gets another near fall. Carlito continues to throw hands to the bruised face of Flair and he mounts him in the corner again but Flair nails an atomic drop followed by a big chop as both men go down. Flair drops an elbow across the chest of Carlito before picking him back up and tossing him off the buckles but Carlito explodes with a clothesline and he gets another near fall. Flair responds with a flurry of chops and Carlito knocks him down again somehow but Flair gets the thumb to the eye and then the two exchange chop for chop until Flair puts his thumb in Carlito's eye and holds it there allowing him to chop Carlito down! Flair hits a back elbow on Carlito and he goes to the top rope! Flair actually doesn't get thrown off and he hits a big fist to the head of Carlito! He follows up with a chop block to the knee and Carlito begs for him to stay off and Carlito underbridges Flair under the rting and to the outside where he works his lower back on the apron.

The Finish:

Carlito tosses Flair back in the ring but Flair meets him with a kick to the gut. Flair sweeps the leg of Carlito and he goes for the figure four and he locks it in! Carliot shakes his head but Flair grabs the ropes and forces Carlito to tap out!

Winner and STILL IC Champion: Ric Flair

Todd is with Matt Hardy:

Hardy talks about winning last night when HBK shows up talking about the ladder match! HBK says everyone is talking about Hardy and himself because last night they came through. The Big Show appears and says gives himself props from last night when John Cena shows up and promotes the big 8 man match tonight! He pumps all of his team mates up as they all get excited about the match tonight. He then gets to Todd Grisham who says he can do the robot and he dances! Cena says it's great and then says there is one move that can sum up how they feel about their opponents... F...U...This was GOOD.

Maria is with the new champion:

Maria sees Ric Flair and asks what happened to his eye. She says he beat Carlito twice, so she has to know why he is called the Nature Boy. He says because he can "WHOOOO" all night long. Business with pleasure is never mixed though. Tonight was all business and Carlito learned his lesson. Carlito shows up and says he was screwed and that's not cool. Flair says "really?" and punches him in the face! They brawl around but Chris Masters shows up and puts Flair in the Master Lock! Carlito kicks at the gut of Flair before Masters lets go and then Carlito spits an apple in his face.

8 man tag match
Referee: Chad Patton
Cena/Michaels/Hardy/Big Show vs. Angle/Snitsky/Edge/Masters

Kurt Angle makes his way out as he is soon joined by his team mates for the match, the last being Chris Masters. HBK leads his team out to the ring as the first and he is followed by the rest, the last being John Cena as we are ready for a giant 8 man tag!

The start:

When we come back live John Cena is knocking down Edge with a clothesline followed by a big vertical suplex. He gets tagged by the Big Show who delivers a headbutt to Edge and then steps on his lower back twice. Edge works Show into the corner and clocks him before running and tagging Chris Masters but Masters doesn't last long as show delivers two headbutts. Hardy is tagged in and he unloads on Master before tagging Cena who clobbers Masters but gets kicked in the gut and taken down. Cena hits a kick to his chest though and gets a near fall.

Mid Match Notes:

Masters regains control and gives Cena a long vertical stall suplex for a two count. Cena blocks another suplex and hits one of his own before tagging Hardy who unloads on Masterts with right hands to the face and ribs before nailing him with a running clothesline. HBK is then tagged and he runs into trouble flipping on the buckle and running right into a gorilla press slam from Masters. HBK gets an elbow up on a running Masters but Masters blocks a slam and hits one of his own but he misses an elbow and HBK is able to tag Hardy. Hardy nails a reverse DDT after a big counter and Edge hits the ring and these two unleash on each other, Hardy nails a side effect but Masters gets Hardy from behind with the Master Lock! Hardy starts to fade but Big Show slams him with a giant headbutt to break the hold as WWE heads to a commercial break.

When we come back from the break, Edge is in control of Matt Hardy with a reverse chin lock. Hardy fights out but runs right into a flapjack. Edge covers, gets two, and then tags Snitsky. Snitsky delivers a gigantic clothesline to Matt Hardy sending him flying on the turnbuckle. Snitsky places Hardy in a rear chin lock and Hardy fights to his feet and he drops Snitsky with the twist of fate! Both men are down and trying to make tags, Hardy tags HBK after Snitsky tags Angle! HBK hits a flying firearm followed by an atomic drop and a few scoop slams. HBK climbs the top rope and he goes flying through the air with an elbow drop but he misses. Angle gets excited and goes for the Angle Slam, HBK sunset flips through but Angle rolls through and gets on the ankle lock! HBK struggles to get to the ropes but cannot for several seconds and thankfully The Big Show breaks that hold as well. Snitsky hits him from behind and SOMEHOW Angle is able to toss the Big Show, overhead, over the top rope ande to the mat outside! The Big Show is dazed as WWE takes their last commercial break!

When we come back, HBK is in trouble at the hands of Edge working on the knee as The Big Show is still stirring outside the ring. MAsters is tagged in and he drops massive pressure on the knee of HBK, working it over with 4-5 different moves and holds. Masters tags Angle back in who places HBK in a headlock. HBK works his way to his feet and he is able to nail a back suplex! HBK holds his leg as he tries to make a tag but Angle gets up the same time is he and they go blow for blow until Angle nails an Angle slam! 1...2.. Hardy breaks it up! Hardy gets tossed outside the ring and he is now down as well. HBK tries to tag Cena but Edge runs across the ring and spears him off the apron. HBK is alone now and Edge grabs his foot but HBK hits an enzeguiri! Big Show gets to the apron and he is finally tagged by HBK! The Big Show dominates the entire other team squashing all for men, two in each corner! He grabs Snitsky by the throat but Snitsky gives him a low blow. Edge then spears The Big Show but he kicks out at two! All four men try to take him down but he over powers them ALL throwing them to the way side

The Finish:

The cavalry comes in and helps the Big Show! All hell breaks lose as Cena and Hardy throw Snitsky and Masters to the outside. Hardy volunteers to be a human bullet as big Show tosses him over the top rope and onto both men! Back in the ring, Edge grabs the briefcase but he misses Cena and Cena nails his spinning back drop. The Big Show nails his chokeslam and as he goes to cover Edge, Cena gets on top of him, Matt Hardy gets atop of Cena and HBK climbs up and sits on the back of Matt Hardy! Edge has no chance to kick out and it's all over! What a finish!

Winners: Cena, Michaels, Hardy, and Big Show

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