Another Possible WWE/TNA War Over Major Indy Star

Popular indy wrestler Homicide continues to have lots of interest shown from TNA in bringing him in. With TNA showing interest in Homicide, not surprisingly WWE has suddenly begun to show interest in him as well. We could see another situation like we saw with CM Punk and Samoa Joe a while back between TNA and WWE. With TNA s pros being that he could work their light schedule and continue to work his indy dates, and WWE s pros being that he is with the biggest wrestling company in North America and would get a bigger paycheck. The major thing working against WWE is their heavy travel schedule and how most of their new talent is treated, for example CM Punk and Frankie Kazarian who had a short-lived stint with the company. However with all of his indy and TNA paychecks combined, and WWE s recent reputation for low paydays, he just might end up making more outside of WWE.


Homicide also apparently has had some interest shown by the New York City police department. He is currently under investigation by the NYPD, and isn t allowed to leave the state, meaning he won t be working any WWE, TNA, or indy shows outside of New York for the time being. Homicide recently stated that the investigation is a very serious matter, but aside from that, there aren t any details on it.