Backstage Announce Team News, Dawn Marie's Baby, RAW Tonight, More

Nobody backstage within WWE seems to know what is going on with the announce team. Ross' last day was supposed to be September 26 but because Mike Goldberg wouldn't no-show the UFC show plans were changed. If they are getting a replacement for Ross, it is being kept very hush hush. Tonight we will likely know if this is an angle or not. Many sources don't feel Ross is coming back although many others tend to believe this is just a big angle.


WWE is bringing in small Mexican wrestlers to work for the new Juniors division on SmackDown!. They are asking the guys to sign contracts so they will be around for awhile.

There had been talk in the ladder part of the Spring about bringing in Joey Styles to the announce team but the idea was quickly dropped as people soured on him backstage. It's not likely we'll see him although anything is possible.

Despite her pregnancy, Dawn Marie made her first public appearance since being released by WWE at a wrestling convention (RetroSlam) in New Jersey this past weekend. She was signing autographs and answering questions for fans at the convention. She looks to be in good spirits as well. Dawn's pregnancy looks to be in full blast as she's ballooned to say the least. I believe she's due in December.