Backstage TNA News: Ortiz Problem, Candido, Shocker's Status, Liger News, More

- AAA promoter Antonio Pena wants Jeff Jarrett to work matches in Mexico against La Parka, Vampiro, Latin Lover, among others.

- Jushin Liger is booked for TNA's Bound for Glory PPV and the 10/25 Impact taping.


- No final decision has been made about whether or not to continue to use Shocker. Shocker was brought in by then head booker Dusty Rhodes.

- Tito Ortiz told TNA management that he couldn't commit to the November PPV as it would conflict with his tentative K-1 debut.

- According to an interview conducted on the Masked Maniac hotline (516-214-8333), Johnny Candido stated that his brother Chris passed away from a case of an acute Pneumonia.

- Here is the absolute latest on Jimmy Hart because there are so many rumors going around right now. Hart was issued a contract with TNA to not appear on any WWE program (specifically RAW homecoming). One source told us "Jimmy was offered an exclusive contract to only appear on TNA, since Jimmy has previously had agreements with WWE, he didn't want to burn any bridges with Vince and his future with WWE." We've been told the door is still open for Jimmy to return to TNA but they would like to have him under contract. It's unknown if Jimmy wants to sign a contract right now especially with a future action figure coming out through WWE.