Early Survivor Series Notes: Title Matches Revealed

Currently, there are ads out for Survivor Series right now that are pumping up Kurt Angle vs. John Cena again for the WWE title and Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero for the World title. It is expected that both faces will still be champs come Survivor Series.


Also planned for Survivor Series is an interbrand match-up between a JBL led Team SmackDown! and a Shawn Michaels led Team Raw. They have already started to build this match up as of Raw's Homecoming last night and it seems like neither team will be pushed as face or heel as it will be a good blend of faces and heels on each team.

Finally, a Teddy Long-Eric Bishcoff confrontation seems evident, but most backstage do not think it will boil down to a Austin-Bischoff type confrontation from Bad Blood 2003 nor an actual match between the two. At best, the two would have a heated argument with wrestlers making the save.