Helms Shoots Hard On Bagwell, Jarrett Done With TNA?

Shane Helms has responded to remarks made by Buff Bagwell yesterday. Bagwell talked about the fight the two had several years ago. On Helms website he decided to answer Buff and included a few choice remarks: "I'm not sure why after 4 years that the Balding, Bloated, Buff Bagwell keeps telling that ridiculous lie about what happened in the little skirmish that we had. Maybe it's his "demons" talking up again. Ain't it funny how when people become total losers it's always because of some "demons?" LOL Either way it comes off to me like a desperate attempt for attention. Maybe ole Judy ain't patting him on the back as much anymore, whatever. I just want my friends and fans to know, although most already do, that his version of the story is very jaded much like his opinion of himself. There's a reason he's unemployed. Must suck not to have any coat tails to ride on anymore!"


Following up on the Jerry Jarrett story from yesterday, it is clear that Jarrett is not happy with his situation with TNA. So much so that a few months back he had urged Panda to sell to Dave Nelson (supposed operator of the 3WA, that had an ESPN time slot and PPV set up that never came.) Jarrett feels strongly that since he started the company that he should have more of a role in its day to day operations. While Jerry has no power right now, his son Jeff retained some pull when the sale went through and is reportedly happy with the company and its direction.

TNA management is obviously upset at how Jerry Jarrett handled the situation, while the WWE was thrilled to post it on their website. By doing that they were able to make their closest competition look weak and second rate. At this point nothing is official, but after yesterday it looks as if Jerry Jarrett may be completely done with TNA.