Inside Details On The Jerry Jarrett Situation, TNA Not Happy

Source: The Observer

As reported numerous times already today, Jerry Jarrett was at the WWE Headquarters today in Stamford, CT. This has become a huge story, as Jarrett was one of the founders of TNA Wrestling and still currently works for the company.


The reason Jarrett was in Stamford today was to help negotiate a deal for a big Russian worker that he is representing (exact identity currently unknown). This was "the other person" that WWE had referred to on in their article about Jarrett being in Stamford. They obviously wanted everyone to believe it was Jeff Jarrett.

It's also being reported that Jerry Jarrett had been in contact with Jerry Lawler recently, talking with him about being unhappy in TNA. Jarrett's feeling is that he helped make TNA into what it has become, and now that the company is on the verge of becoming a major player, he longer has much power. The reason for this is of course because Panda Energy owns the majority interest in TNA. Jarrett being unhappy about this is ironic, considering if Panda had not came in and backed the company financially, the "company he helped put on the map" would have went out of business years ago now. Jarrett's current role within the company pretty much consists of working the Gorilla position at the tapings and that is about it. When the current booking committee in TNA was put together this past May, Jarrett was very vocal of not approving it and said they would fail miserably. When this did not happen, company officials pretty much stopped putting any stock into any of Jarrett's opinions.


The meeting today in Stamford was solely concerning the Russian that Jarrett was representing, however Jarrett made it clear he is frustrated with TNA. It should be noted that pretty much nobody, including people in Jeff Jarrett's inner circle, were aware his father Jerry would be going to Stamford today.

The way WWE posted this story on their website can be interpreted as nothing short of a slap in the face to TNA from the WWE and even Jerry himself. It is being reported that TNA workers are livid at Jerry Jarrett at this point, and even that may be an understatement.

Earlier reports that Jarrett was also there to negotiate the sale of the Memphis wrestling video library are also 100% false. Jarrett himself has not had a stake in this library since around 1997 when he sold his 50% interest in it to Jerry Lawler.