Kanyon Arrest Update, New WWE Diva, Coach, Striker, Kennedy, More

Chris Kanyon has posted a new commentary over on his official website regarding his recent arrest. According to Kanyon's commentary, he was arrested after coming to the rescue of a man who was getting beat down by five other men outside of a club. Kanyon added that after he stopped the fight, the victims girlfriend came out and hit one of the men with her pocketbook. One of the men then punched the girl and Kanyon took off after him. Kanyon describes why he was arrested after that took place. To check it out, click here.

According to reports, Ken Kennedy took part in the filming of a small movie along with CZW wrestling star Nick "Matt Burns" Mondo. Those who saw Kennedy's part said he was very charismatic and did a great job for not having much acting experience before.

WWE.com has added a 'Matt Strikers Classroom' section. Striker will teach a different lesson every week.

WWE.com has also added this weeks Coachcast with the Tag Team Champions Cade & Murdoch.

WWE.com has a clip of the Taboo Tuesday press conference which almost led to a Triple H/Ric Flair brawl.

WWE Champion John Cena is scheduled to appear on the November 12 edition of Mad TV on FOX. It will be the show's 250th episode.

Beth Phoenix recently signed a WWE developmental deal.