Latest On Ross Firing, TNA To Monday Nights?, More News


As everyone knows by now, Jim Ross was fired on-air last night at RAW. This was likely Ross' last broadcast ever as Vince is very set on replacing JR in return for a much younger, hipper, announce team. There are absolutely no plans to use Ross at PPV events either. The backstage feeling at RAW was that the guys were just in awe of what was happening. It doesn't make sense to many wrestling circles but then again it doesn't need to as only one man makes the final decisions.

Spike TV and UFC went head-to-head with the second hour of RAW last night with a "Ultimate Fighter" (best of UFC) show. It is possible that Spike would consider moving TNA's program sooner than later. Spike currently airs CSI going up head-to-head with the first hour of RAW. We'll keep you posted.