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- As reported over the weekend, Mike Goldberg appears to have decided to pass on WWE's offer to become the new lead RAW announcer. MMAWeekly also reported today that Goldberg has opted to stay with UFC. Sources indicate that WWE had offered Goldberg a three year deal worth up to $350,000. Most figured Goldberg would be signing, but he has decided not to after getting a raise from UFC. He was also concerned about becoming a "wrestling announcer" since it would make it difficult for him to get work in legit sports in the future. At this point, Ross will likely remain the lead RAW announcer for the next few weeks, but WWE still wants to replace him sooner than later. Vince McMahon will "fire" someone on RAW tonight. It has been thought that Ross will be the one who gets "fired" but with no replacement now, WWE may have to change the storylines. The other option is going ahead with the Ross "firing" and switching to a two man announce team with Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman.


- WWE will be releasing the pre-sale password for WrestleMania 22 tickets on Wednesday, with the tickets going on sale Friday.

- VH-1 has started filming the second season of "Hogan Knows Best."