Loads Of Backstage News From Bound For Glory Last Night

There were numerous plans that were nixed backstage at the Bound for Glory PPV last night. The idea was to originally put Rhino against Jeff Jarrett for the World title and then it was changed to a 10 man gauntlet match followed by a title match. A Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett match was also talked about. The show had to basically be re-written at the last minute. Mike Tenay recently noted that PPV and iMPACT! shows had been scripted for the next several months which will likely change now. For those wondering, Nash was NOT scheduled to win the title for Jarrett so making Rhino champion was a last minute decision. It was basically TNA feeling it needed to do the advertised title match and did a surprise finish.

Many of the matches were cut short due to the 10 man gauntlet match that took place.

Many people expected the Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Liger match to go longer. It was interesting to note that the New Japan owner was in attendance.

As everyone who watched the PPV knows, the Ultimate X match was a total disaster as the X fell from the middle wires twice. They restarted the match after the first time and ended it when it fell a second time. Matt Bently and Chris Sabin were legitimately ticked off at ringside and stormed to the back. Williams stood in the ring with a stunned look on his face after what had just happened. This was obviously not planned and we'll have more on this throughout the week.

Jeff Hardy was OK after taking that sick bump from the TNA set.

AJ Styles was very sore after his match with Christopher Daniels and has massive bruises on his legs.

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