Luger's Community Service, Rikishi-WWE Issues, & More News

Kimberly Page posted a message on her website,, stating that that she'll be appearing on an episode of CSI: Miami, which is on every Monday night on CBS. I'm not quite sure when the episode in which she appears will air, perhaps as early as tonight. Just have to watch I guess. Kimberly also talks about having a Nitro Girl reunion recently as Nitro Girl Spice (Melissa Bellin) got married last month. Even Sharmell was in attendance despite her busy WWE schedule.

A person recently spotted Lex Luger cleaning animal cages at the Cherokee County Animal Center in Georgia. This is more than likely community service work stemming from charges Luger faced earlier this year. He was jailed back in March for failing to make child support payments to his ex-wife.

Rikishi is now simply known as "Kishi" due to WWE legal enforcing their ownership on the name Rikishi. He was using the name Rikishi after his release from WWE for quite a while, but he can't anymore due to WWE's enforcement.