Major News & Preview Concerning RAW Tonight!


The WWE Homecoming last week on RAW did not go well for the McMahons, as a returning Stone Cold Steve Austin delivered Stunners to each member of the family. Backstage after being hit with the move, Mr. McMahon promised that somebody would be getting fired as a result. Who will be out of a job? Watch RAW Monday night to find out.


Triple H and Ric Flair have stood side by side for years. The 16-time World Champion Flair has even called Triple H the greatest professional wrestler of all time and his best friend. But Ric Flair has also called him the Cerebral Assassin more times than he can count, and the Cerebral Assassin took him out last week on RAW. After saving Triple H from being blasted with a sledgehammer at the hands of Chris Masters, Ric Flair had his skull bashed in with that very same sledgehammer. Triple H then beat Flair to a pulp, dragging him up the ramp and backstage until finally tossing him in a limo, asking him the question, What were you thinking? the whole time. No one can know for sure what Triple H meant by that question, but hopefully he will give everyone some answers Monday night on RAW.


Plus, after WWE Champion John Cena defeated RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff to retain the championship, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long sent his SmackDown troops to the ring, gangsta style . During WWE Homecoming last week, Bischoff refused to allow Long s SmackDown match to take place. Long retaliated by sending out his SmackDown Superstars to the ring to beat on Cena and Angle. Moments later, though, the RAW locker room emptied out to even the odds. What will be RAW s response to SmackDown s antics last week?

Don t miss all this and more this week on RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.