Major Unforgiven Issue, RAW-SmackDown!, More News

Source: The Wrestling Observer

- The final buy rate for last month's WWE Unforgiven PPV is not in. However, it is said that there is already a major concern internally within the company concerning the buy rate. Things aren't looking good, especially with No Mercy this Sunday.


- The USA Network will be replaying this past Monday's WWE Monday Night RAW Homecoming show this Friday night at 10 PM. The show will be edited down to 2 hours for the replay. It shouldn't be hard to edit it down, when you have a 3 hour show with only 5 matches, and one of those is a time filler Bra & Panties match.

- This week will be the first time that SmackDown airs in it's 8-10 PM new Friday night timeslot in Boston and New York. The airing was postponed in both of these cities the past few weeks.

- The WWE Unlimited webcast which features a live camera during commercial breaks will be a weekly thing.