Mick Foley/Jim Ross, Dress Code Update, & The Rock On TV Again

- Last night on Canadian sports talk show Off The Record, Mick Foley revealed that he is exempt from the WWE dress code because the way he dresses is "his look". He also stated that he disagrees with the Jim Ross firing, but feels that Ross would be back on TV, at least once more, for the Steve Austin match at WrestleMania.

- The Rock will be a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central.

- John Cena, The Undertaker, and Kane have all been exempt from the dress code in the past. However now even Undertaker wears slacks and polo shirts while traveling with WWE. Black slacks and shirts, of course. It s also likely that Kane would have to wear something like that as well these days. Cena travels wearing pretty much what you see him wearing on TV every week.