More Live Notes From WWE Homecoming Last Night

Thanks to Craig Wozniak for this:

Dark Match was Shelton Benjiman over Tyson Tomko.

Before the show started, there was a 5 minute retrospective of Raw showing some of the greatest moments.

Loud "OU Sucks" chants. For those not familiar, OU/Texas is a huge rivalry and is always played in Dallas. The game happens to be this upcoming weekend. That was why Steve Williams got booed also, he did the upside down Longhorn sign. Incredible to see him in person and how small he is now.

Crowd was pretty good all night. This crowd did not measure up to the crowd from the famous Raw when Mick Foley brought out the Radicalz, though. More on the line of the Fully Loaded PPV.

Biggest Pop had to be Kevin Von Erich, followed closely by Stone Cold, Hogan, HHH and Batista.
There was no real booing of anyone except for JBL (funny since he is from down the road) and Eric Bishoff for cancelling the Smackdown Match.

Not sure how much they showed after the Smackdown guys came out. Out came the Raw guys with Big Show, who most people were cheering for, even when he faced off with Batista. The Smackdown guys left and the Raw guys stayed in the ring for some nice appause.