New Diva & 1 Other New Talent, HTM-WWE, Spike TV, RVD, More

- Tickets go on sale 10/22 for WWE Survivor Series 2005 at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena. Prices are $250, $90, $75, $50, and $25.

- Smackdown did a fast rating of 3.7 this week. The final rating should be available next week. []

- The Honky Tonk Man's website has a story up on the WWE Legends deal and contract which Honky refused to sign. Check out the story at

- SpikeTV is now planning to air an episode of UFC Unleashed each Monday to compete with RAW.

- World Wrestling Entertainment has signed WWC Tag Team champion Eric Alexander to a developmental contract.

- Angel Orsini, who formerly worked in ECW is currently working in OVW. It is not known if she has a deal, or is trying to win one.