Off Air RAW Notes; What You Didn't See

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Val Venis and Viscera defeated Cade & Murdoch (Non Title)

Rob Conway defeated Greg "The Hammer" Valentine by DQ when Eugene came to the ring and attacked Conway. After the match Valentine pushes down Eugene for costing him the match.


Kerwin White and his Caddy defeated Shelton Benjamin and Matt Striker. Benjamin went to make the hot tag to Striker, but Striker jumped off the apron and laughed then left, which then allowed Kerwin and his Caddy to hit a two man electric chair for the win.

After Raw went off the air Kane and Cena just continued their stare-down, then Kane eventually left. Bischoff then came out and told Cena his night wasn't done yet. Cena made his way down to the isle where Bischoff was, as Bischoff made the announcement that it would be Cena versus Angle in a street fight. Cena went to attack Bischoff but got attacked from behind by Angle. The two brawled in the isle and eventually made their way to the ring where Cena took over. Angle was thrown outside the ring and the two brawled on the floor. They spilled over into the crowd where Angle then got the advantage and followed up by sending Cena into the ring steps. Angle then threw Cena back in the ring and also brought the top half of the steps with him. Angle then hits Cena in the face with the steps and goes for the cover but only gets two. Angle gets mad and proceeds to nail Cena with a German suplex followed by another cover but again gets two. Angle then whips Cena into the turnbuckle the charges in at Cena, but missed. This allowed Cena to bounce off the ropes and deliver a bulldog to Angle onto the steps that are still in the ring. Both men are down but make it back up before the ten count, Cena proceeds to make a comeback with punches, and the protoplex. Cena goes to kick Angle but gets hooked into the ankle lock. After about a minute Cena rolls out and Angle stumbles into the turnbuckle. Cena nails a slam followed by the 5 knuckle shuffle and goes for the F-U but Angle countered into the Angle slam and into the cover, again for a two count. Angle then goes for a chair, tries to hit Cena but Cena moves and the chair bounces off the ropes and nails Angle in the head. This allowed Cena to hit the F-U and get the win. After Cena celebrated and the show was over.