Official WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Preview


On the heels of No Mercy, Friday Night SmackDown will be a volatile environment when it invades San Antonio, Texas, this week.

At No Mercy, Batista defeated Eddie Guerrero to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in a hard fought match. Afterwards, champion and challenger shook hands and all seemed well between the two. What will become of their friendship now that Batista has beaten the Heat?


Also at No Mercy, Cowboy Bob and Randy Orton defeated the Undertaker in a Handicpa Casket Match, then set the casket ablaze in a shocking display. However, when they opened the casket after the match, Undertaker was not in there. How will the Ortons react to Undertaker's mysterious disappearance?

Since SummerSlam, Chris Benoit has had Orlando Jordan's number, several times making Jordan tap out in less than a minute. Jordan hopes to make a better showing this Friday night, when he meets Benoit one on one for the United States Championship.

Also, thanks to an article in Star magazine, rumors have abounded lately about a possible love triangle involving Jennifer Aniston and reigning WWE Babe fo the Year Stacy Keibler. While she had no comment on last week's Byte This!, the leggy Diva will finally address this controversy this Friday night when she is Christian's guest on the Peep Show.
Plus, after SmackDown crashed WWE Homecoming, Theodore Long's invitation for RAW to show up at No Mercy went unanswered. Will Eric Bischoff and company show up this Friday night for another battle in the Alamo City?


Find out all this and more this Friday night at 8/7 CT as Friday Night SmackDown sorts out the fallout from No Mercy.