Possible TNA/WWE Legal Troubles, ECW News, Dudleys, & More

At the most recent TNA tapings, during a segment involving the Dudleys, now known as Team 3D, the crowd broke out in an ECW-chant. This could bring TNA some potential legal troubles if it s not edited out from the final show that will air on Spike TV. WWE has previously complained about the ECW chants, saying that ECW is their copyrighted phrase and cannot be used on competition s products. They threatened the Hardcore Homecoming ECW reunion promotion with this, and had them edit out all of the ECW chants throughout the entire show on their DVDs before shipping them out to retail stores. There were quite a few throughout the show, and needless to say, the lack of them really took away from the final product.


Speaking of Hardcore Homecoming, there are still tickets available for their 11/5 November Reign show at the former ECW Area. The major matches for the show announced so far include Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible in their first ever cage match, Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten in a Taipei death match (both opponent s hands are taped up and pieces of broken glass are glued to them), and Team 3D vs. the team of Terry Funk and Sabu.