Randy Orton, Ken Kennedy, & Other SmackDown! Stars At RAW

From WWE.com:

Has SmackDown s General Manger gone too far?

First, Theodore Long took advantage of his one match afforded by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon to load up WWE Homecoming with SmackDown Superstars. (World Heavyweight Champion Batista, United States Champion Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, JBL, Christian, and Eddie Guerrero will all take part.)

Now, WWE.com has learned that Legend Killer Randy Orton, Cowboy Bob Orton and Mr. Ken Kennedy have been spotted backstage at the American Airlines Center. Is SmackDown crashing Eric Bischoff s party?

How will RAW s roster react to the presence of so many SmackDown Supertars on a night that features a Loser Leaves RAW Ladder Match; a WWE Championship Match; a 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match and Triple H s return?

Be sure to tune in to RAW (7:55 p.m. ET on USA) to find out.