Shocking Details On How The Firing On RAW Could Backfire & How Joey Styles Is Involved

– Joey Styles recently thickened the plot regarding the situation with Jim Ross being removed from the RAW announce team on his website, The following contains possible spoilers for this Monday s RAW, so do not continue reading if you don t want to be spoiled.


It was previously reported that Vince McMahon will be firing someone on RAW, which is believed to be none other than Jim Ross. Who is rumored to be J.R. s replacement? Ultimate Fighting Championship announcer Mike Goldberg. Mike has yet to sign the contract, but he will likely do so over the weekend and could be on WWE TV as early as this Monday s RAW.

It s also rumored that Jerry Lawler will be removed as well, making the new announce team Jonothan Coachman and Mike Goldberg. Lawler and Ross are likely going to be announcing for WWE s online TV shows on their website. You can expect WWE to be pushing their shows very hard, as they will be selling advertising during those shows themselves.


Joey Styles also revealed in his audio update that if Mike Goldberg accepts WWE s offer, which he very likely will, that will leave a lead play by play announcing spot in UFC open for their Pay Per Views. Styles also revealed that his WWE contract does not prohibit him from calling mixed martial arts events, it only prohibits him from doing other pro wrestling events. This means that former voice of ECW Joey Styles might be the new voice of UFC. He has expressed serious interest in the position, and might just end up being the guy calling the action at the UFC 56 PPV.

So, by WWE removing Jim Ross from the RAW announce team and replacing him with UFC announcer Mike Goldberg, they are inadvertently allowing Joey Styles, who is under WWE contract, to announce for the very product that Spike TV is using against WWE RAW on USA Network.

Keep in mind that the so called Monday Night War is not as much of a UFC/WWE thing, as it is a Spike TV/WWE thing.

Whether WWE will attempt some sort of legal action or if they will continue to state that mixed martial arts poses no threat to them is unknown. However, it is likely that there will be quite a few angry phone calls made from the WWE offices if everything goes down like it looks to be as of press time.