Stacy Carter/The Kat Photos, Sable-WWE Update, More News


Tony Schiavone is doing sports talk radio in Georgia now. If you live in Georgia, you can listen to "T-Bone" talk about sports weekdays from 9am-11am on SportsRadio 1240 The Ticket. Schiavone seems to be living up to his online monicker of "Fat Tony" as he's gained quite a bit of weight in recent years, not to mention that it seems as though that he has dyed his hair a different shade of blonde and brown.

There's not much to this story, but I'll post it anyways. The WO Newsletter is reporting that one source claimed that Rena Mero (Sable) was attempting to get back into WWE as of late, however, WWE supposedly turned her down. Others have denied the story about Sable trying to get back in though. Even if Rena Mero did try to get back with WWE, it's not likely that they'd hire her again, mostly likely due to her age. Rena Mero is 38 years old now. WWE wants their "divas" to be in their 20's or early 30's at most nowadays. WWE has let go of nearly all their "older divas" in the last year or so as they have released Sable, Terri, Ivory, Jacqueline and Dawn Marie. Their ages more than likely played a factor in those divas' dismissals. Victoria is currently the oldest diva on the roster at 34 years old.

A recent picture of Stacy Carter (aka Miss Kitty/The Kat) has surfaced online. There were rumors that she had gone into the real estate business after leaving the wrestling industry four years ago. Those rumors are indeed true as there is a picture of her on several Florida-based real estate companies. She looks a bit older (then again, she hasn't been seen in nearly five years), but she's still attractive nonetheless. She's 34 years old now. Also, it should be noted that Stacy Carter seems to want to erase her wrestling past, most likely because she doesn't want potential customers to see her risque photos should they search her online. People that have run into her the last few years have said that she doesn't like to talk about wrestling at all.