Taboo Tuesday, No Mercy Meet & Greet Cancelled, Spike TV


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Thanks to 'Judd' for this note... "The Taboo Tuesday subsite of has opened. There is not much on it yet except for the history of last year's event and a poll asking you which match from last year's event was your favorite (although the tag title match is left out of the choices). It also says matches will be announced soon."

Thanks to 'Devin Cutting ' for this note... "Spike TV will not be airing the special WWE vs. TNA episode of MXC tonight like originally planned. A replay of UFC Ultimate Fight Night 2 will air instead. There's no mention of the WWE vs. TNA episode on Spike TV's website, so Spike TV may have cancelled it's plans to air that episode."

Thanks to 'TD' for this note... "I signed up for the No Mercy Meet & Greet (the one you pay for), and this past Monday received an email from WWE saying the session had been cancelled, most probably due to low ticket sales."