Tajiri Leaving WWE Rumors, More On Hospitalized Diva, More News

Partial Source: The Observer

It is very possible that Tajiri will be leaving WWE and perhaps even pro wrestling all together when his WWE contract expires. I believe he signed his first WWE contract back in February 2001 or so after ECW closed down, so I would assume that it would be expiring next February. Apparently, his wife has problems getting a drivers license here in the states. When Tajiri is on the road, she can't go anywhere and she's lonely. Tajiri is thinking about moving back to Japan and becoming a news reporter. We'll keep you posted.

Stephanie McMahon hasn't been back on TV for long, but she already has a new shirt up on WWE Shopzone for female WWE fans. It says "the b—h" on the front and "is back" on the back of the shirt. The description reads about how Stephanie is back with a vengeance, how she's ruthless, etc... The release of the shirt and the description definitely makes it seem like WWE has plans to have Stephanie remain an on-air character for a while.

The reason Michelle McCool was hospitalized recently was due to an allergic reaction to Ibruprofen after a CT scan. She spent about a week in hospital before being released on September 30.