The Rock Clears Up Contract Rumors, HBK News, More

- An interview has been added to with The Rock regarding the new movie "Doom", his contract expiring with WWE, a match between himself & Shawn Michaels and more.

When asked about his contract status, he said: "The relationship is great. I have a great relationship with the Old Man . The way the contract, and the ending of the contract went down, it was what it was. I don t ever harp on things, and nor do I ever want to live in regret. It just went down the way it went down, and that s fine. The relationship is good, and there door is always open. And I love wrestling. I love doing what I did because there s nothing like that feeding off the energy of the crowd. Any opportunity I get to go back and dip in for a night and just start talking trash and electrifying, I d do that for sure. I m really happy for a lot of guys there. For instance, I love the new turn and transition Kurt Angle has gone through."

When the prospect of a "Dream Match" with Shawn Michaels came up, Rock commented, " was never ever interested in working with him, to be honest with you. I ve known him for a long time. He came in and worked for my family in Hawaii when I was like 13 him and Marty Jannetty. It was just one of those things. He was always one of those guys that I said Hey to and he said Hey it s no big deal."