TNA Bound For Glory PPV Results (10/23/05): Rhino Wins Title!

TNA Bound For Glory PPV Results (10/23/05): Rhino Wins Title!

Event: TNA Bound for Glory PPV Results
Date: Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
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- The TNA promo hits. We then go live to the IMPACT ZONE in Orlando, FL.

- Backstage, Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim and America's Most Wanted are backstage. They promise someone will leave TNA tonight in a casket despite Kevin Nash not being able to compete.

- We kick off the first free thirty minutes with the X Division Fatal Four Way.

X Division Fatal Four Way
Alex Shelley vs. Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries vs. Sonjay Dutt

The match starts with Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong. Both lock up in the middle, Strong works on Shelley's left arm, Shelley flips out of it and then takes Strong down on the mat by his legs. Shelley works on Strong's left arm a bit until Strong counters out of it. Shelley fights back with a quick hip toss. Strong then tags in Sonjay Dutt. Dutt and Shelley lock hands, Shelley trips up Dutt, covers, but Dutt flips up and springboards off Shelley's chest. Dutt hits a quick dropkick, picks up Shelley, grabs him by the arm, does the "sprinkler walk" on the top rope and comes down hard. Shelley then fights back with a big boot to the mid-section. Dutt answers back with a quick huricanranna. Shelley attempts a hip toss on Dutt, but Dutt bounces off the top rope and takes out Shelley. Back back up, Shelley approaches and slaps Dutt. Shelley goes to the outside, Dutt chases, Shelley comes back in and when Dutt follows he takes him out with a dropkick. Strong gets the tag from Shelley. He counters a few attempts by Dutt, but Dutt gets his big 720 degree wrap around takedown on Strong for a two count. Shelley then fights back with some big chops. Dutt takes down Strong with a dropkick, but Aries gets the tag from Dutt and he flips in taking out Strong and even Dutt.


Aries gets tossed over the top to the ring apron, but flips back in and gives Strong an elbow. Shelley gets involved and Aries splashes both Shelley and Strong in the corner. Dutt gets in a blind tag from Aries and he flips in giving Strong a huricanranna. Strong comes back with a huge backbreaker, covers, but Aries comes in to break it up. Strong gives Dutt a huge chest chop to take him out. Shelley gets the tag and he applies a rocking horse cradle on Dutt. Shelley breaks that and applies a full body scissors submission. Strong comes in to break the submission. Aries gets in a blind tag on Shelley. Aries hits a quick side backbreaker on Dutt for a two count. Aries gives Dutt a big scoop slam and then does his swinging elbow drop. Aries covers, but Strong breaks it up again. Aries then shoves Strong, but in doing so tags him in. Strong comes in, gets Dutt up on his shoulders in a cruifix and then has Dutt come down face first. Shelley comes in and both Shelley and Strong exchange a big chop fest. All four men are now in the ring and they all apply a four-man submission hold. This eventually gets broken up. Aries is with Shelley, while Strong is with Dutt. All four men whip around each other in the ring until Shelley and Dutt give each other a double clothesline in the middle of the ring. Aries gets in some chops on Strong, but Strong sends him to the outside. Shelley gets in an elbow to Strong's knee. Shelley follows that up with a spin kick and a huge tornado DDT. Shelley covers, but Dutt comes in and breaks it up.


Aries hits a big flip samoa drop on Shelley. Dutt then takes out Aries with a big kick to the back of the head. Dutt follows that up with a quick elbow drop. Dutt goes to cover ARies, but Shelley grabs him. Dutt counters Shelley into a big flipping neckbreaker! Dutt covers, but Strong breaks it up. Strong gets Dutt up on his shoulders and hits a big jumping backbreaker! Strong covers...1...2...Aries kicks Strong in the face to break it up. Aries then takes Strong and hits the Brainbuster. Aries goes up to the top signaling the 450 Splash. Shelley gets up with Aries, but Aries knocks him off. Dutt then knocks Aries off the top rope. Dutt looks to hit the Hindu Press when Strong jumps up with Dutt. Dutt fights off Strong and throws him to the mat. Dutt flips at Strong, lands on his shoulders and hits the dragon-ranna as Mike Tenay called it. Dutt rolls up Strong and gets the pinfall!

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the new NWA World Tag Team Champions America's Most Wanted. Chris Harris asks the production truck to roll the footage from last night on iMPACT! when they defeated The Naturals to retain the titles. We go backstage again with AMW laughing. Douglas says AMW have gone from the hunters to being the hunted. Harris said these tag team belts always belonged to America's Most Wanted, the greatest tag team in TNA history. He said Andy Douglas is still in the hospital picking glass out of his forehead. James Storm, with a beer in hand along with Gail Kim, brags about the title win last night. Harris said the power belongs to the NWA World Tag Team Champions America's Most Wanted and the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett.


- We go to the ringside area where Mike Tenay & Don West run down the card for Bound for Glory tonight. They note that from the desk of Larry Zbyszko, he is requring every TNA wrestler to stay in the building and to be prepared to wrestle tonight.

- As this takes place, Raven hits the ring along with Cassidy Riley. He gets on the mic and said it is amazing what Zbyszko has allowed to happen regarding the NWA World Title scene. Raven said Zbyszko has 10 seconds to get out in the IMPACT ZONE. The crowd in Orlando counts down to 10 for Raven. Larry Zbyszko comes out and gets into the ring. Raven said six weeks ago, he was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion before he was "mugged" by the Canadians. He said it was a shame what happened to Nash, but that the show must go on. Zbyszko said how dare Raven come out right now and demand a World Title match tonight. Raven asks Zbyszko if it will be Raven vs. Jarrett tonight for the title, yes or no. Zbyszko said he will make a decision tonight. Raven starts to choke Zbyszko when TNA Security breaks it up. Rhino's music hits and he comes out on the mic. He said five years ago, Raven crucified a man and showed more fire. Rhino said he deserves the title shot tonight, not Raven. Raven tackles Rhino and they start to brawl until TNA Security breaks this up as well. Cassidy Riley gets in the face of Rhino in the corner. He backs up doing Rhino's pose. When Riley turns around, Rhino gives him The Gore.


- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with X Division Champion AJ Styles. Douglas asks about his 30 Minute Iron Man Match tonight against Christopher Daniels tonight and how they always seem to find each other in a TNA ring so many times. Styles agrees and compares it to Georgia with Florida. He admits Daniels being a great wrestler, but adds that we will see if Daniels can step up and be simply phenomenal.

- Mike Tenay & Don West run down the card again for Bound for Glory tonight as the clock runs down approaching the "official" start of Bound for Glory tonight on PPV.

- They show some samoan fire dancers backstage preparing for the entrance of Samoa Joe next. They also show Jushin "Thunder" Liger preparing to come to the ring next as well.

Samoa Joe vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger
During Samoa Joe's entrance, samoan dancers along with live music accompany Joe to the ring. During Liger's entrance, the crowd in Orlando throw streamers into the ring as a sign of respect. The bell rings and here we go. Both Joe and Liger lock up and Joe pushes Liger away. Both lock up again and Joe pushes Liger to the corner. Liger gets in a headlock on Joe and Joe fights back with a shoulder block. When Liger attempts a charge, he hits Joe with impact and falls down. Liger challenges Joe to go off the ropes and when he goes, Liger gives him a drop toe hold followed by a dropkick to the face. Joe fights back with an elbow, charges, but Liger moves and Joe goes to the outside. Liger teases he was going to flip over the top rope, but he bounces off and stays in the ring. Liger then goes up to the top and takes out Joe with a big dive to the outside. Liger sends Joe back in the ring. Liger goes up to the top, jumps, Joe catches him and then hits a big samoan drop. Joe gets in a running knee to Liger's face in the corner. Joe picks up Liger by his mask, hits a snapmare followed by a chop, kick and jumping knee to the chest. Joe hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Joe applies a headlock and Liger fights out of it. Joe fights back with a big powerslam for a two count.


Liger fights back taking down Joe by the knees followed by a big frog splash off the top rope. Liger covers, but only gets a two count. Joe fights back with a big kick to the back of the head when Liger attempts a palm to the head thrust. Joe puts Liger up on the top rope, but Liger slides down and gives Joe a powerbomb! Liger covers Joe...1...2...kick out. Liger gets in two big chops and a third takes down Joe. Liger covers, but only gets a two count. Liger goes up to the top rope and sits down. Joe approaches and gets in a quick kick on Liger that has Liger dazed a bit. Joe grabs Liger, puts him up on his shoulders, walks to the middle and executes the Muscle Buster! Joe then applies his full body choke hold submission. The referee raises Liger's arm once, twice and it falls again on the third time. The referee then calls for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Six Man Tag Team Match
Diamonds In The Rough vs. Apolo, Sonny Siaki & Shark Boy

The match starts with Simon Diamond and Shark Boy. Diamond takes out Shark Boy with a quick shoulder block. Shark Boy fights back with a few rights and counters a scoop slam attempt into a knee drop. Diamond backs that up with a quick clothesline that results in a two count. Diamond then nails Shark Boy off the corner, backs up, charges and connects with a splash in the corner. Shark Boy gets in a boot to the face and attempts the Dead Sea Drop from the corner, but Diamond counters that into a hip toss from the top. Diamond attempts a leg drop, but Shark Boy moves and bites Diamond on the backside. Elix Skipper gets the tag, but Shark Boy takes him down with a drop toe hold. Skipper works on the arm of Shark Boy, but Shark Boy counters into a kick to the back of the head. Apolo gets the tag and Skipper flips over his back and gets in a few rights. Apolo fights back with a jumping facebuster that resulted in a two count. Apolo gets in a few chops on Skipper followed by a kick to the face. Apolo gives Skipper a half nelson slam, covers, but Diamond distracts the referee. As this takes place, David Young gets up on the top rope and takes out Diamond with a flying elbow. Young then gets the legal tag and he double-teams Diamond with Skipper with a flipping leg slam. Skipper knocks Shark Boy off the ring apron.


Apolo attempts a dive in the middle of the ring, but Skipper nails him with a shoulder block in mid-air. Skipper covers, but only gets a two count. Apolo fights back elevating Skipper in the air and catching him with a front face cutter on the way down. Sonny Siaki gets the tag and he takes out Skipper and Young with a dropkick and samoan drop. Siaki gets sent into the corner by Young and then Apolo comes in giving Young another elevating cutter. Skipper then jumps up on Apolo and dives at Siaki in the corner. Siaki and Skipper battle on the outside when Shark Boy takes out Skipper over the top rope. Young then springboards off the ropes taking out Shark Boy and Siaki. In the ring, Apolo gives Diamond a huge superkick. Apolo then jumps over the top rope and takes out all the remaining men on the outside. Siaki chops Young and Skipper as Shark Boy brawls with Diamond. in the ring, Skipper lifts Siaki in the air and Young catches him hitting a huge spinebuster! Young covers Siaki and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The Diamonds In The Rough

- We go to the ringside area with Mike Tenay & Don West. They remind the fans that an explosive X Division Four Way Match took place in the opening thirty minutes of the show, with Sonjay Dutt coming out victorious. They also show footage of what took place involving Raven, Rhino and Larry Zbyszko.


- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim. Douglas reminds that everyone wants a title shot tonight due to Kevin Nash not being able to compete tonight. Jarrett said he almost didn't believe that Nash was in the hospital yesterday and had to call himself. He said Nash went to a huge length to avoid getting an "ass whoopin" from Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says screw Jeff Hardy, screw Rhino, screw Abyss, screw Sabu and screw Raven. Monty Brown walks up and asks him to say it. Jarrett asks to say what. Brown asks him to say "screw Monty Brown." Brown said he can smell Jarrett's fear of him right now and that he will be taking the NWA World Title. Jarrett said if Brown loses to Lance Hoyt tonight, he better start worrying about his chances tonight. Brown said he won't lose to that "6 foot 9 ticked off Texan" Hoyt. Jarrett said he sees this as playoff time right now.

Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt
The match starts with Hoyt charging at Brown and Brown avoiding him. Brown gets in a quick firemans carry on Hoyt and follows that up with a stiff right hand. Hoyt fights back with some stiff right hands of his own. Hoyt gives Brown a shoulder block, clothesline and a slap across the face. Brown gets tossed and lands awkwardly on his head a bit. Brown rolls to the outside and Hoyt follows. They brawl a bit and Brown teases that he would throw Hoyt over the guard railing. Brown stops this and throws Hoyt back in the ring, calling the crowd stupid. Hoyt then follows this up with a leap over the top rope taking out Brown. Hoyt throws Brown back in the ring and Brown fights back with some right hands. Brown gets in a few chops on Hoyt and then a big open hand slap. Hoyt then gets in 10 big punches as the crowd chants "HOYT" on each right hand contact. Brown collapses in the ring. Hoyt goes up to the top, but Brown shows he set up Hoyt and throws Hoyt off the top to the outside. Brown then gives Hoyt a big snap suplex on the mat outside and throws him back in the ring. Hoyt fights back with some right hands. Brown then fights back with a big release overhead slam. Brown then attempts The Pounce, but as Brown goes to hit it Hoyt counters with a big boot! Hoyt then goes up to the top rope, jumps and connects with a huge moonsault! Hoyt hooks the leg...1...2...Brown kicks out.


Brown then fights back lifting Hoyt up to his shoulders and connecting with a huge Alpha Bomb from the corner! Brown covers...1...2...Hoyt kicks out and Brown can't believe it. Brown looks to go for The Pounce again when Hoyt hits a chokeslam! Hoyt covers again, but gets another close two count. Both exchange some right hands against the ropes a bit. Brown then sends Hoyt into the ropes, Brown bounces off the other side and connects with The Pounce in the middle of the ring! Brown covers Hoyt...1...2...3.

Winner: Monty Brown

- Footage of TNA stars Simon Diamond, Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy overseas in India is quickly shown, being referred to as "Global Impact."

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the 3 Live Kru. Douglas wonders if 3 Live Kru can stick together to take on Team Canada. BG James said they work as a unit and will do so tonight against Team Canada. Kip James walks up and offers his services to make it even against the Canadians. Konnan said that is a horrible idea and walks off. Kip says he offered and leaves. BG and The Truth walk away saying they think that was a good idea.

Six Man Tag Team Match
3 Live Kru vs. Team Canada

The match starts with Konnan and Eric Young. Konnan takes out Young with a shoulder block and a big flip powerbomb from the corner. Konnan takes out Bobby Roode and A-1 when both hit the ring afterwards. Konnan takes off his shoe and throws it at Young who filps over the top as a result. Konnan and BG James hold down Roode allowing Killings to hit a big leg drop to the mid-section from the top rope. Killings gets the official tag and Roode comes back giving Killings a headbutt. Killings fights back with a huge spinning huricanranna. Kip James is then shown watching the match from the top. BG James gets the tag and he double-teams with Killings with a double-elbow drop. Killings gets the tag again and he takes out Roode with a spinning side kick that results in a two count. Killings fights back with a boot to Roode and taking out a few members of Team Canada on the ring apron. Roode then takes out Killings with a full nelson slam. A-1 gets the tag as the crowd in Orlando starts a loud "NEW AGE OUTLAWS" chant. A-1 starts to choke Killings with his boot in the corner. A-1 puts Killings on his shoulders and hits a big running powerslam that results in a two count. Roode gets the tag again, taunts at Konnan & BG and then goes to work on Killings with some boots.


Roode gets in a few right hands along with a knee to the gut. Killings fights back with a flying forearm off the ropes. BG gets the tag and he takes out all three members of Team Canada with some stiff right hands and a boot on Young. James gets in his knee drop on Young, but it gets broken up. Roode & Killings and Konnan & A-1 brawl on the outside while BG and Young are in the ring still. BG attempts a full nelson slam, but Young counters out of it and Roode comes into the ring nailing BG with a hockey stick. Young then covers BG and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Team Canada

After the match, Team Canada starts beating down Konnan. Kip James runs down and pulls BG James out of the ring. Kip gets in with a steel chair and Team Canada holds Konnan for him. James then nails Team Canada's A-1 with a steel chair and then chases off the rest of the members out of the ring. Konnan stares at Kip in amazement and confusion at the same time.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is asking Larry Zbyszko what the ruling is regarding the NWA World Title tonight. Zbyszko said he has yet to make a decsion and said he would tell Douglas first once he makes it.

- A promo runs highlighting the history of the Ultimate X Match which is next.


Ultimate X – Winner Becomes #1 Contender for X Title
Matt Bently vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams

The match starts with Petey Williams trying to climb up the top rope, but Matt Bently and Chris Sabin cut him off. Sabin and Bently give Williams a double-hip toss. Sabin dropkicks Williams to the outside. In the ring, Sabin takes out Bently with a big huricanranna. Williams comes back in and sends Sabin into the corner. Sabin fights back attempting a suplex, but Williams counters into a russian leg sweep into a back suplex. Bently fires back with a big overhead suplex on Williams. Sabin jumps up on the top rope and gets on the wire. Bently chops him on the back and then jumps up with Sabin. Sabin counters, giving Bently an interted atomic drop as they came down. Williams then gets distracted by Traci on the ring apron. Traci takes Williams by the head and shoves his face into her cleavage. As this is going down, Bently gets up on the wire and gets to the middle area. Williams turns around and Bently comes down taking about both Sabin and Williams. Sabin then goes after Bently with a few chops and elbows to the head. Sabin gets in a quick splash on Bently in the corner. Sabin gets in a few punches, Williams approaches, Sabin kicks him, jumps off, gets Williams up in a powerbomb and sends him into Bently in the corner. Sabin then takes out Williams with a DDT and a kick to the back of the head on Bently all in one motion!


Sabin goes up to the wire, but Bently recovers and pulls him down. Sabin charges at Williams and goes through the second rope, but holds on to Williams' legs. Williams then hits a big leg drop on Sabin. Bently then charges and Williams takes out Bently with a big huricanranna through the second rope! Sabin is the first back in, flipping in but Williams grabs him as he does. Bently comes in next and he takes out both Sabin and Williams at the same time. All three men are down. Bently is the first up and he gets up to the top and gets on the wire above the ring. Sabin then follows Bently out on the wire. Bently swings on the wire attempting some kicks on Sabin. Bently swings up on Sabin's shoulder. Sabin is forced to move forward on the wire and Bently lets go, allowing Sabin to give Bently a powerbomb to the mat off the wire! Sabin finds a way to get up and he brawls with Williams on the opposite corner. Sabin nails Williams face first off the steel holding up the Ultimate X. Williams then does the same to Sabin and Sabin falls back a bit on the corner. Williams kicks Sabin and Sabin falls backwards in the tree of woe position. Williams does his "Oh Canada" taunt. Sabin then fights back sending Williams off the top rope to the outside. Bently is the next up on the top rope in the same corner. Sabin also throws Bently off to the outside.


Williams gets up and tries to throw Sabin off the top. Sabin kicks Williams away. Sabin then jumps and hits a big moonsault on both Bently and Williams on the outside of the ring! Sabin is the first man back in the ring. Sabin goes up to the top, jumps and makes his way across the wire. Sabin gets close, but Bently gets in and tackles him off the wire. As this happens though, the "X" hanging above the ring falls down. Mike Tenay & Don West note that the match must be stopped so they can hang it up again. While TNA officials hang up the "X" again, Bently brawls with Sabin and Williams on the outside. Bently then gets in the ring once the "X" goes back up. Bently gets on the wire and Sabin does as well. Both men make their way across the wire, but kick each other off. As this happens, part of the "X" starts to fall off yet again! Williams raises his arm in the air and the "X" falls and he catches it. The bell sounds and TNA awards the match to Williams. This was really sad as it was a total trainwreck and everyone was legit pissed off following this.

Winner: Petey Williams

After the match, Chris Sabin and Matt Bently are furious. Sabin heads up the ramp upset and Bently circles the ring cursing. Petey Williams hugs Scott D'Amore and stands in the middle of the ring with the "X" as the fans in Orlando chant "bullsh*t" regarding the outcome.


- A promo runs highlighting the events with Jeff Jarrett capturing the NWA World Title with help from America's Most Wanted, AMW destroying Team 3D and then capturing the NWA World Tag Team Titles from The Naturals on iMPACT! this past Saturday night.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
America's Most Wanted (c's) w/ Gail Kim vs. The Naturals

The match starts with The Naturals hitting the ring and going after AMW right away. James Storm and Chase Stevens brawl, while Chris Harris and Andy Douglas brawl as well. Stevens suplexes Stevens on the ramp and Douglas gives Harris a bulldog on the other ramp. Harris then tears off the bandage on Douglas' head near the ramp. Storm throws Stevens into the ring. With help from Douglas, Storm gets throw onto Stevens on the outside and Stevens powersbombs Storm into the guard railing. The Naturals are left with Chris Harris in the ring. Harris begs for them not to do anything. Both Stevens & Douglas flip off Harris and go after him. Harris heads up the ramp and Douglas takes him out with a forearm to the back. Both of The Naturals take out Harris on the ramp and Douglas then throws Harris into the guard railing. Stevens does the same a second time. Douglas then does it again to Harris for a third time. And for a fourth time, Harris gets sent into the guard rail. Douglas starts to choke Harris with some tape while Stevens distracts the referee. Douglas then goes after Storm, but Gail Kim distracts him. Storm then sends Douglas into the steel post. Douglas is now busted open at this point as Storm throws him on the announcers table. Storm throws Douglas into the ring and Harris punches the bloody forehead of Douglas. Storm, who is the legal man, gives Douglas the Eye of the Storm, covers, but only gets a two count.


Harris gets the tag and he works on the forehead of Douglas a bit. Storm gets the tag again and not soon after, Stevens gets the fresh tag taking out both members of AMW. Stevens gives Harris a high back body drop and elevates Storm to the ring apron. When Harris charges, Stevens moves and Harris takes out Storm. Stevens covers Harris in the ring, but only gets a two count. Storm gets back in quickly, misses a superkick on Stevens and Stevens fights back with a kick of his own. Stevens covers, but only gets a two count. As Harris gets back in the ring, Gail Kim tosses him a bag of powder. Harris gets it ready, but it gets kicked in his face. Harris is blinded and he gives his partner James Storm the Catatonic by accident. The Naturals then set up Storm for the Death Sentence and connect. Storm gets covered...1...2...Storm somehow kicks out. The Naturals then get Storm up for The Natural Disaster. It gets broken up when Gail Kim runs in and gets involved. Douglas chases after Kim and grabs her by the hair. Harris catches up with Douglas and handcuffs him to the guard railing. In the ring, Stevens is going after Storm. He gets in a right hand on Storm and suplexes Harris into the ring from the ring apron. Stevens then hits a kick to the back of the head on Harris. Storm comes back in and he nails Stevens with a beer bottle. Storm tells the referee a fan threw it in. With Andy Douglas still handcuffed on the outside, AMW hit Stevens with the Death Sentence. They cover and get the pinfall on Stevens.


Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: America's Most Wanted

After the match, James Storm grabs a steel chair and nails a defenseless handcuffed Andy Douglas with it.

- A promo runs hyping the Monster's Ball 2 involving Rhino, Jeff Hardy, Sabu and Abyss. They note that all competitors involved would be locked inside a room for 24 hours with no food, water or sunlight. I think the bookers forgot that Rhino was let out a bit early for the segment in the first 30 minutes of the show.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with James Mitchell and reminds the stipulations of those involved. Mitchell said he fully expects Hardy, Rhino and Sabu to be destroyed by Abyss tonight. He adds that Abyss was locked in dark areas for hours upon hours, so this wasn't anything new to him. Mitchell said the only problem that causes is that it brings back bad memories for Abyss.

Monster's Ball 2
Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss vs. Sabu

The match starts with Abyss, Jeff Hardy and Rhion all brawling. Sabu throws a steel chair at the head of Abyss. Rhino gets sent over the top rope by Sabu. Sabu launches over the top and takes out Rhino. Hardy kicks Abyss in the gut to dodge a steel chair shot. Hardy sets up the chair, jumps off it and splashes Abyss in the corner. Hardy jumps off the chair again and takes out Abyss over the top rope to the outside. Rhino then sends Sabu into the guard railing on the outside, while Abyss and Hardy brawl as well. Abyss and Sabu make their way into the crowd and Hardy and Abyss do as well. Sabu is busted open at this point while Hardy sends Abyss face first into part of the wall in the crowd. Hardy then jumps off the bleachers and takes out Abyss. Abyss sends Hardy over the guard railing back ringside as Rhino and Sabu continue to brawl ringside. Sabu starts to choke Rhino along with some kicks. Back in the ring, Hardy dumps a trash can full of items as Sabu launches a steel chair at the back of Rhino. Sabu sets up a chair in the ring, jumps off it and splashes on Rhino on the outside. In the ring, Abyss sends Hardy into the corner. Hardy jumps up and hits a corkscrew cross-body. Abyss fights back with a torture rack into a fall. Sabu jumps in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count.


Rhino grabs a steel chair and nails Sabu, Abyss and Hardy. Sabu then gets down on both knees and Hardy jumps off him to nail Abyss in the corner with a splash. Hardy offers to do the same for Sabu, but Sabu nails Hardy in the gut. Rhino then grabs a kendo stick and he nails Sabu, Hardy and Abyss. Rhino is also busted open at this point as he continues to whip all three men with the kendo stick. Rhino whips Abyss in the corner, backs up, charges, but Abyss stops Rhino and hits a big chokeslam. Abyss covers...1...2...kick out. On the outside, Hardy grabs a ladder. Abyss nails Hardy with a right hand. In the ring, Rhino is hitting Sabu with a weight belt. On the outside, Abyss is using the ladder Hardy got and hitting him with it. Abyss then grabs a table and sets it up. Abyss grabs a second table, sets it up and puts it near the first. At ringside, Sabu sets up a table of his own across the ring apron and guard railing. Near the ramp, Hardy is nailing Abyss with steel chair shots and puts Abyss on both tables. In the ring, Sabu sets up a chair, jumps off it and hits a leg drop on Rhino's chest right on top of the table crashing through it! Near the entrance, Hardy still has Abyss on top of the tables. Hardy uses a ladder and climbs up the TNA entrance! Hardy is at the top, runs forward, jumps off and crashes through the table taking out Abyss! The crowd in Orlando goes absolutely nuts!


Back in the ring, a steel chair is positioned in the corner and Rhino hits it with force following a missed charge. Sabu then hits a springboard moonsault on Rhino, covers, but only gets a two count. Sabu grabs a steel chair, jumps and nails it on Rhino's face as he comes down in a leg drop. Abyss is then seeing crawling towards the ring after the earlier spot. Abyss gets on his feet, gets a table and puts it in the corner inside the ring. Hardy is also seen crawling towards the ring area. Sabu then throws a steel chair at the face of Abyss. Sabu sets up another, jumps at Abyss, Abyss catches him and throws Sabu through a table that was set up previously on the outside! James Mitchell then hands Abyss the bag full of thumbtacks. The crowd starts to cheer when Rhino gives Abyss a Gore through the table in the corner! Hardy finds a way to recover and get in the ring. He gets in a few rights on Rhino, but Rhino fights back with a quick elbow to the face. Hardy approaches Rhino who is sitting up on the top turnbuckle. Rhino grabs Hardy, pulls him up in a piledriver position, jumps and connects with the Rhino Driver! Rhino hooks the leg...1...2...3.

Winner: Rhino

After the match, the crowd in Orlando chants "THIS IS AWESOME" and rightfully so. They show a few recaps of the biggest spots during the match. Mike Tenay said he has gotten word that a decision has been made regarding the NWA World Heavyweight Title tonight.


- We go to backstage with Shane Douglas who is with Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko said in order to make things fair tonight, he announces a 10-Man Over The Top Rope Guantlet with the winner earning a shot at Jeff Jarrett's NWA World Title later tonight. Jarrett approaches and said this smells of a screwjob by TNA management. He said this isn't fair and he can't have a game plan going in to his title defense. Zbyszko said the 10 men involved can't either.

- A promo runs highlighting the events between AJ Styles and Christohper Daniels leading into their 30 Minute Iron Man Match tonight with the X Division Title on the line.

X Division Championship – 30 Minute Iron Man Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Christopher Daniels

The match starts with Christopher Daniels going after AJ Styles right