WWE Homecoming Results (10/3/05): RAW Returns To USA!

WWE Homecoming Results (10/3/05): RAW Returns To USA!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, October 3rd, 2005
Location: The American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas
Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE Homecoming Opener:

We open up with a video package with the WWE Superstars talking about RAW and showing classic RAW moments. There is also a countdown timer, counting down to 8PM for the start of the show, awesome stuff. We then go to another video package saying "The Power is Back". The RAW opening montage then started up as we are set for RAW! The fireworks went off in the arena and there have been some slight modifications to the RAW set as Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcomed us to WWE Homecoming live on the USA Network in Dallas, Texas!

In the arena:

The music of Mick Foley hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring, and it looks like we are kicking things off with Piper s Pit! Foley grabs the mic and says Mrs. Foley s little boy has come back home! Home to RAW, home to the USA Network, and home right here in Dallas, Texas (cheap pop!) He says usually the guest doesn t introduce the host, but this man is a legend, a true hall of famer, Rowdy Roddy Piper! The music of the Hot Rod then hit as he made his way down to the ring. Piper and Foley embraced as Piper got on the mic. He said to wait a second, he is a fan of Foley s. He thought he was the craziest person in the business, but he has nothing on Foley. What he does for fun is jump off roofs, get thrown of cages, land on thumbtacks, he is nuts! Totally nuts! But then he read his new book Scooter, and he hasn t had the light off in his room for four weeks. He said this is Piper s Pit, and everyone wants to know when Foley is coming back to the WWE? The fans started a Foley chant. He said he came back last year, and still got his ass kicked. In order for him to make his comeback he would need a good reason. Piper said he has 12,000 good reasons and they are all here! The fans started another Foley chant along with Piper. The music of Randy Orton then hit! Orton is one RAW! Orton made his way out with his father, Cowboy Bob Orton.

Foley said to cut the music, and said it s never good to see Orton under any circumstances. He said this is RAW, it s Homecoming and its Foley on Piper s Pit. He said not to be concerned with the legend before him, but the legend that will do him in at No Mercy, the Undertaker. Orton said he is out here because he is Randy Orton. He can do and get away with anything he wants, but don t worry, he s not here to talk to Foley, he wants to talk to that man, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Orton told Piper to shut his mouth, and if it wasn t for his father there would be no Piper s Pit. When he was a kid he had to watch his dad on the road, in pain with his arm in a cast. What did he get out of it? Nothing. What did Piper get? MTV spots, movies, the works. Orton said he was raised the right way, and grew up to be a legend killer. Piper the decked Orton and they got into a fisticuffs as Foley and Cowboy Bob tried to separate them. Bob then decked Foley and Randy laid out Piper with the RKO and then hit it on Foley too! The Orton s left as Foley and Piper were left laying.

Up Next:

We are shown footage from the WrestleMania 21 match between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels with Angle coming out on top, but then at Vengeance, Michaels evened the series at 1-1. Up next is the rubber match, and it s no ordinary match, it s a 30 minute Iron Man Match!


Eric Bischoff is shown backstage and Theodore Long is in his office. Bischoff goes off on him about the Orton s being here. Long said he knew nothing about that. Bischoff asked who else is going to ruin the debut of RAW on USA. He said if anything else happens, he will give them a RAW moment they will never forget, and it will be at Smackdown s expense.

30 Minute Iron Man Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for this Iron Man Match with Shawn Michaels. Legends are shown sitting at ringside including Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Snuka, Koko B. Ware, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dr Death Steve Williams, Nikolai Volkoff and more.

The start:

Michaels tackles Angle and hammered away with right hands and then takes over on him in the corner. Michaels nails a scoop slam for a two count. Michaels scored with some chops to the chest and follows up with a neckbreaker for two. Michaels tossed Angle to the outside and then followed out and sent him head first to the barricade. Michaels tossed Angle back inside and then went up top and came off with a sledge to knock Angle down for another two count.

Mid-match notes:

Angle comes back with a kick to the gut and then hits some right hands and then a European uppercut, but then Michaels came back with a sleeper hold but Angle countered with a back suplex. Angle nailed another uppercut and then stomped away at Michaels before nailing a knee lift. Angle hit some right hands on Michaels on the canvas and then gave him a scoop slam for two. Angle locked in a rear naked choke and we are five minutes in. Michaels escaped the rear naked choke with a jawbreaker and then sent Angle head first to the canvas. Angle charged at Michaels but Michaels backdropped him to the outside of the ring!

Michaels went for a baseball slide but Angle avoided it and then nailed the Angle Slam on the outside on the ring! Angle rolled back inside as the referee began his count. Angle then went out and got Michaels back inside and then kicked away at Michaels in the corner. Michaels fought back with right hands but then Angle powerbombed him into the turnbuckles and covered for a near fall. Angle perched Michaels on the top turnbuckle and went for a throw but Michaels blocked and knocked Angle down but Angle popped back up and hit the Angle Slam from the top for the first fall!

Score: Kurt Angle 1-0 Shawn Michaels

Back on RAW from commercial and Angle is in control of Michaels in the ring, and locks in rear chin lock on Michaels. Michaels backed Angle to the corner and nailed some elbow shots to the side of the head and then charged at him but Angle moved and Michaels went into the ring post shoulder first. Angle then nailed a suplex for a near fall and then scored with a vertical suplex for another two count. Michaels came back with chops in the corner on Angle but was then sent hard into the corner, and crashed down to the canvas. Angle went for the Angle Slam but Michaels countered into a sunset flip but Angle countered that into an Ankle Lock but then Michaels reversed with a rollup to even the score!

Score: Kurt Angle 1-1 Shawn Michaels

We are at the 15:00 minute mark as Angle took over with a huge uppercut to send Michaels crashing outside to the floor. Angle followed out and sent Michaels head first into the ring steps. Angle tossed Michaels back inside and covered for a two count and then locked in a full body scissors. Jim Ross talked about a wrestler named Joe Stetcher who used to use this move to win championships back in the day. Michaels escaped by biting at the head of Angle and then nailed some right hands but Angle comes back with a kick to the gut and went for a suplex but Michaels blocked and went for one of his own but Angle fell out the back and then Michaels rolled him up for two but Angle grabbed the Ankle Lock! Michaels tried to kick Angle off but Angle was able to hold on. Michaels went for the ropes but Angle grapevined him in the middle of the ring and was forced to tap out!

Score: Kurt Angle 2-1 Shawn Michaels

Back on RAW and Angle is in control working the leg and ankle of Michaels. Michaels fights out but then Angle takes over with right hands in the corner. Michaels nails some right hands of his own and then lights up the chest of Angle with some knife edge chops until Angle nails a single leg takedown and grapevines the leg. Michaels fought out but Angle wouldn t let up with some uppercuts and right hands in the corner. Michaels fought back with more right hands and chops and then nailed the flying forearm and nipped up! Michaels leg is clearly bothering him as he hits the inverted atomic drop and then a pair of clotheslines and a scoop slam before heading up top. Michaels nailed the flying elbow off the top and we are at the five minute mark. Michaels tuned up the band and nailed Sweet Chin Music to tie it up!

Score: Kurt Angle 2-2 Shawn Michaels

Michaels chopped at Angle on the outside before throwing him back in and we have four minutes left. Michaels nailed some chops in the corner and went for a whip but Angle reversed and Michaels went hard to the corner and flipped inside out before Angle nailed the Angle Slam for a near fall! Michaels came back with a kick to the head but Angle went for the Angle Slam again but Michaels reversed into a Tornado DDT and both men are down and we have 2:50 left on the clock! Michaels draped an arm across but Angle managed to kick out! Michaels chopped away at Angle in the corner and went up top and hit a moonsault onto the standing Angle, but Angle rolled through and locked in the Ankle Lock with 1:30 left on the clock! Michaels squirmed in pain and tried to kick Angle off, but to no avail! Michaels went for the ropes and we have 1:00 left as Angle grapevines the leg! Will Michaels be able to hold on!? 40 seconds and Michaels is still holding on! 30 seconds! Michaels kicked Angle right in the head to break the hold but Angle came right back locking it in again! We are in the last ten seconds and Michaels escapes the Ankle Lock and nailed Sweet Chin Music and went for the pin but the time is out!

Winner – Draw

The Aftermath:

Michaels got on the mic and asked what is that!? Let s go to sudden death! Angle then backed up the aisle to a TON of heat as the fans wanted more of this awesome match. Michaels embraced some of the legends sitting ringside before making his way to the back.


Triple H will team with Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair against Carlito and Chris Masters!

Hip Hop Awards:

Footage is shown of John Cena at the Hip Hop Awards with Snoop Dog, Jazzy Jeff, Ice T and Jerry Ferrara singing his praises.

In the arena:

Lilian Garcia introduced Dallas own Kevin von Erich to the arena as he joined the rest of the Legends in the front row!


Vince McMahon is shown talking to the make up lady backstage and Eric Bischoff comes in. Bischoff says he has a great idea for his match tonight, he wants it No Disqualification. McMahon said no, he isn t the General Manager tonight, he s dressed to compete, and Vince is in charge tonight. Bischoff said it obvious that he was hired as the GM is so that he could be embarrassed by Vince on a daily basis. Bischoff called Vince sick, and McMahon said no one in this world knows how sick, twisted and perverted he can be. McMahon said he has a capacity crowd awaiting his presence and made his way to the ring.

In the arena:

Lilian Garcia introduced Vince McMahon, and read off a card saying he made the Rock, Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan, also saying he is strong, handsome and&well endowed! The music of McMahon then hit as he made his way to the ring. McMahon got on the mic and said its Homecoming back on USA, and back where things are uncensored! Back on USA where all hell can break loose at anytime, and he remembers back in the old days&the date was February 8th, 1998 and that was the night that Vince McMahon beat the holy hell out of Stone Cold Steve Austin! The fans chanted for Austin as McMahon said his favourite RAW moment was as follows. They showed footage of McMahon pinning Austin and then bad mouthing him. It was actually 1999 not 1998. McMahon says he has another favourite moment, and then the music of Austin hits as he makes his way to the ring to a HUGE pop!

McMahon told everyone to give Stone Cold a hand, and that it s good to see him. Austin said it looks like McMahon is having a little fun at Stone Cold s expense. Austin asked him why he s getting g nervous, uptight, ratted, what. After all, he is the man that made Stone Cold Steve Austin isn t he? He s the guy that humbled and humiliated Austin right? Austin pretended to laugh, and then asked why he doesn t think it s so funny. Austin said he remembers things a little bit different, and then says to roll the footage. We got to footage from October 1998 with Austin attacking McMahon in the hospital and then shoving a probe up his ass! McMahon said that was terribly embarrassing for people to see him in his underpants and they almost saw his privates. Austin said they have more footage and its from October 1998 with Austin kidnapping McMahon in his wheelchair and then holding the gun to his head and McMahon pissed his pants.

Austin asked if he was nervous enough to piss his pants again. McMahon said he temporarily lost control of his bladder and that Austin shouldn t show anymore footage. Austin said he has one more piece of footage, and its from March 1999 and Austin driving the beer truck into the arena and giving Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and the Rock a beer bath! Austin called McMahon pathetic. McMahon said it s a new era and there s no reason why they can t start over again. Austin asked if McMahon he wants to be his friend. He asked the fans for a hell yeah if they thought McMahon was full of crap! McMahon said he has some stuff he has to do in the back, and then tried to leave. Austin stopped him and said he wanted to show McMahon something&Stunner! Austin called for some beers and toasted the fans in true Stone Cold style! The music of Shane McMahon then hit!

Shane came down to the ring and he got a stunner upon entering! Stephanie McMahon s music then hit!!! She made her way down and did not look pleased! She got in the ring and asked him who the hell he thinks he is?! She said this is RAW, this is USA! Austin gave her a what? and then she said this is their show! Austin said he understands and Stephanie asks who the hell he thinks he is. She says she is Stephanie McMahon, and he says he understands that. He said she looks lovely tonight, what fragrance is she wearing? She looked pissed and tried to grab the mic, and Austin asked if she was flirting with him?! Austin asked if she wanted to give old Stone Cold a kiss? Stephanie then slapped the taste out of his mouth! He says he wishes she hadn t of done that, but then again, he s kinda glad she did&STUNNER!!!

Now Linda McMahon s music hits! What in the hell! She doesn t look pleased either as she makes her way down to the ring! She got on the mic and asked what the hell he thinks he is doing? Look at this havoc, this carnage in the ring is her family! She s spent the last two years bringing them back together. Austin called Vince a piece of trash, and she said yeah. Austin said Shane is a piece of trash too and that poor little Stephanie is a precious piece of trash! He said they are all laid out in the ring, and we are in Dallas where he got his start. He said they are going to drink beer and raise hell, what else does he want her to do? Linda says that Austin owes the McMahon family an apology! Austin asks why? He s just out here doing his job. They interfered and he gave them some stunners. Austin looked at his watch and then said she s a classy lady and he apologies.

She thanks him, and then goes to check on Stephanie, but then he grabs her by the arm and says while she s out here, he thinks they should leave these 16,000 fans and millions watching at home a RAW moment to remember. Austin asked for a kiss on the cheek, and he d like to leave his eyes open this time. Austin said he wants to give the folks something to really remember and then started to hit on her. He said Vince ain t looking and they should cut to the chase and&drink a damn beer! Austin got a beer and gave it to Linda and got one himself, and then toasted her and they drank the beer and he told her to keep drinking and got some more beer and handed her another. They drank some more and then Austin raised her hand and says thank you&STUNNER!!

Vince McMahon is being helped to his limo when Todd shows up and asks him what Vince thinks about his entire family getting stunned. McMahon looks into the camera and says someone is going to pay. Someone is going to get fired for this!

Money in the Bank/Loser Leaves Raw
Referee: Jack Doan
Edge vs. Matt Hardy

A ladder is shown in the middle of the ring as Edge's music hits and he makes his way to the ring to take on Matt Hardy.

The start:

Matt Hardy barely makes it out of the gate when Edge knocks him down with a forearm. Edge runs to the ring and climbs the ladder right away but Matt catches up and knocks him off. Both men do battle until Matt Hardy catches Edge within the ladder and he climbs it, wrenching Edge in a major LADDER scissor! Hardy sets the ladder up in the corner and places Edge against it but Edge gives him a drop toe hold on it followed by a vertical suplex onto it!

Mid Match Notes:

Both men try to climb the ladder but to no avail. The ladder is then set up by Edge on the turnbuckle and as Hardy goes for the twist of fate, Edge shoves him face first into the ladder. Edge slides out of the ring to grab another ladder and he sets it up in the middle of the ring. Hardy grabs him down and the men do battle.

Hardy tries to suplex Edge onto the ladder but Edge reverses into a reverse suplex sending Hardy belly first onto the ladder. Edge sets up a ladder and starts to climb it but Hardy climbs the other side and the two men do battle atop the ladder. Hardy slams Edge's head off the top step several times and then throws him off the ladder. Edge's face hits the other set up ladder and the affect sends him flying into the ladder Hardy is standing on! Edge goes down hard and Hardy flies into the ropes and both men and all ladders are down and out as the crowd roars on!

When WWE returns from commercial break, Edge is trying to suplex Matt Hardy through a table outside the ring! However, Hardy blocks and throws him into the security barricade. Hardy then runs at him with a ladder clobbering him in the chin and sending him flying over the security rail! Hardy then climbs the ladder and dives onto Edge in the crowd! Hardy goes to get back in the ring but Lita grabs him and jumps on his back. Hardy gives her a snapmare and chases her down. He grabs her and goes to powerbomb her through the table but Edge nails him in the back with a signapore cane! He places Hardy on the table and leaps off the apron with a body splash crashing through the table!

Edge rolls back in the ring slowly as he starts to climb the ladder. Two ladders are set one next to the other and Hardy somehow makes it back in the ring! He climbs the ladder alongside Edge and then gives him a 10 foot high twist of fate down to the mat! Edge rolls out of the ring in pain and Matt Hardy goes to climb the ladder!

The Finish:

Matt is touching the briefcase but Lita cracks him in the leg with the kendo stick! He jumps down in shock and then she tries to crack him again but Hardy grabs the stick and then tosses Lita hard against the buckle. There is nobody there now but him! He climbs but Lita pulls the ladder out from under him and he is dangling on the chain! This gives Edge enough time to get back in the ring. He grabs Matt by the feet and swings him until he is over the ropes and then pulls him down. Hardy flies down chest first onto the ropes crashing and burning. Edge ties his hands up in the ropes and Lita wraps herself around Matt's arms like a crucifix not allowing him to move. Edge tauntingly climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase..

Winner: Edge

After the match, Lita and Edge embrace as Matt Hardy takes his defeat like a man and leaves the Raw set... for the last time?

When we come back from commercial Matt Hardy is being escorted by Raw security out of the building


Trish and Ashley are in the back talking about their match and how they will win. Trish checks out Ashley's chest to make sure it's all good, Ashley says Trish should see her panties. Mae Young comes in and says "did somebody say bra and panties?" She takes off her shirt and strips to her bra and starts roaming around. She runs into the Ted Dibiase, Jimmy Snuka, and Jim Duggan. The Million Dollar Man says he will give her $2,000 to put her shirt back on! The men look sick as she takes it fully off! Moolah finds her and tries to cover her up and drags her away. Jimmy Snuka grabs the money and says he will pay Dibiase back. He takes the money and follows Mae Young!

The Return of the Game:

Ric Flair is introduced by Maria and he goes buck wild about the return of the Game, once and for all they will be side by side again and it's coming up next... WHOOOOOOOO!

The Return of HHH
Referee: Mickey Jay
Ric Flair and HHH vs. Carlito and Chris Masters

Carlito makes his way to the ring to team with Chris Masters. After Masters Ric flair gets the crowd hot by coming to the ring. And last but not least... HHH, The Game, RETURNS to the ring!

The start:

Right off the bat, the youngsters try and get one up on HHH and Flair but they clean house and give each other a big hug to the delight of the crowd. HHH stays in the ring as he meets with Carlito. HHH punches Carlito and then tags Ric Flair and the two men double chop the life out of Carlito and then they both strut! Masters comes in the ring but gets double chopped down and then both men double chop Carlito to the ground once more! WWE heads to a commercial break as Flair and HHH enjoy themselves in the ring!

Mid Match Notes:

When we come back from commercial break, Carlito is in control of the Nature Boy Ric Flair as he stomps away at him in the middle of the ring. Carlito hits Flair in the face and then places him in the figure four! Flair screams in pain but he manages to reverse the hold after several near pin falls when HHH comes in and clocks Carlito. Carlito works over Flair's knee in the corner, stomping it. Carlito then insults Flair with a slap but Flair turns it around into chops. The two men exchange blows until Carlito nails a spinebuster and then struts around the ring. Carlito climbs the top rope but Flair tosses him off! Flair goes to tag HHH but flops on his face before he can! Masters gets in the ring and waits behind Flair for the Master lock but before he can set it in, Flair gives him a low blow! Tags are made and HHH comes in the ring clobbering his opponents and sending Masters flying with a back body drop followed by a clothesline to both men and then a high knee to both men!

The Finish:

HHH gives both men a spinning spinebuster and then he smiles to the crowd. He steps outside the ring and pulls out his sledgehammer! He brings it into the ring and goes after Masters with it but Carlito hits him in the back. Carlito whips HHH but he reverses and kicks Carlito in the gut and then he tucks him down for a pedigree. Masters tries to hit HHH with the hammer in the back but Flair gives him a chop block and HHH is able to pedigree Carlito and pin him!

Winners: HHH and Ric Flair

The Aftermath:

After the match HHH and Ric Flair hug but HHH then cracks Flair in the face with the sledgehammer. Flair is a bloody mess as HHH pounds on him and then uses the hammer again right on his head. He chokes Flair and screams at him. He then tosses him outside the ring and beats on him some more. Flair is now bleeding severely as HHH grans the sledgehammer and chokes him with it as WWE heads to a commercial break. The crowd is stunned dead as Flair is bleeding all over Texas.

When we come back from commercial break, HHH is still beating Ric Flair throughout the arena and he is now near the parking garage. HHH screams if anyone is going to try and stop him. He says nobody has the balls. He picks Flair up and punches him sqaure across the face. Flair spits blood and sweat on the camera as HHH continues to demolish him. He picks Flair up by his bloody head and he talks right into his face saying he is the game. He holds Flair up against a limo and he slaps him across the face three times. He then calls Flair a limosuine riding piece of crap. He tosses Flair in the limo and smashes the window with a sledgehammer. The limo drives off as WWE heads to a commercial break.

Legends Gathering

A boatload of WWE legends are in the ring with Dusty Rhodes as the mouthpiece. He talks about some of them and then gets on to Harley Race when the music of Rob Conway hits. Conway comes to the ring calling this pathetic. He says it smells out here and one of them forgot to change their "Depends." He gets in the ring and Dusty gives him a mouthful saying the table he eats off of was buolt by these men. He starts to talk about Harley again but Conway steps up to Harley and Harley clocks him. A few more legends get a shot in and then Dusty gives him the one-two followed by the bionic elbow! the crowd then goes wild when Von Erich gives Conway the claw! The legends then ask SuperFly to go up to the top and fly! He splashes onto Conway and the legends throw Conway out of the ring and celebrate with hugs and high fives!

Handicapped Bra and Panties Match
Referee: Chris Kay
Torrie, Victoria, and Candice vs. Trish and Ashley

The ladies come to the ring looking good as usual for this 3 vs. 2 bra and panties match.

The match:

The girls get on Ashley quickly after knocking Trish down. They take off her shirt but she fights back and is able to get Victorie'as shirt off. victoria chases Ashley but Trish clotheslines her outside the ring. Trish and Ashley work off the shirts of Torrie and Candice. It turns into a big free for all until Trish tries her hurricanranna on Victoria but Victoria holds her up and starts to take off her pants! Trish eventually hits the move and then rolls up Victoria and takes off her pants and she has nothing left. Ashley works over Candice and gets her pants off. Torrie punches Trish in the corner but Ashley helps her and they ring her up on the ropes and then they pull her pants off as well!

Winners: Trish and Ashley

No DQ after all...

Eric Bischoff is in the back when Kurt angle approaches and says he just saw Ken Kennedy in the back. Angle wants to know what Eric is going to do about these Smackdown stars. Eric says he has a plan, but has an even better one for his title match. He says since Vince is gone, he's in charge and his match will be a no DQ match against Cena. He says he just wants to be champion for one night and then he will give the title to someone worthy... like Angle! He asks Angle to be in his corner and Angle says he'd be honored... champ..!

Smackdown Match
Referee: Nick Patrick
JBL, Eddie, & Christian vs. Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, & Batista

Tazz and Cole welcome us back to Raw as we will have a special Smackdown match on the show! Teddy Long dances with tony Chimel in the ring showing off his moves. Rey Mysterio then appears for what Cole calls the first time on Raw! His team mates follow afterwards as they will taske on three Smackdown rivals!

The start:

JBL starts the match against Batista but Bischoff comes to the ramp and says to hold it. He says McMahon is no longer here and he wanted the Smackdown match, but since he isn't here, Bischoff isn't going to have the match! He says as far as the men in the ring are concerned, it's lights out. The lights go out on the men in the ring and Bischoff laughs at them saying they look like idiots. He then decides to go to a commercial break!

No Contest

When we come back from commercial break, Mean Gene introduces the one, the only... Hulk Hogan! Hogan makes his way to the ring and Gene talks to him about the big Summer Hogan has had. He then asks "What's next?" "Well ya know somethin Mene Gene?!" Hogan says he feels the power of the Hulkamaniacs here. He says he and HBK can do it anytime, anywhere, but his next opponent... he then goes through history and talks about his classic matches. But he said one man. One man came out here tonight and caught his eye. What if Hulk Hogan were to go one on one with.... Stone Cold Steve Austin! The crowd goes wild as Hogan's music plays. Is it true?

WWE Championship Match
No Disqualification Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Eric Bischoff vs. John Cena (c)

The music of Eric Bischoff hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Kurt Angle for his shot at the WWE Championship in this No Disqualification Match with John Cena, and we are in overtime here tonight.

The start:

Angle grabs a chair and sits at ringside in the aisle as the referee rings the bell. Bischoff is in his karate get up and starts prancing around the ring. Bischoff went for a kick but Cena caught the leg and then nailed him with a right hand to knock Bischoff down. Cena then nailed him with another right hand. Angle grabbed Cena s ankle allowing Bischoff to get some kicks in on Cena sending him down to the canvas.

Mid-match notes:

Cena comes back with a slam and then nails the five knuckle shuffle. Angle then came in and went for the Angle Slam but Cena fell out the back and went for the FU but Bischoff nailed a low blow and covered for two! Angle grabbed a chair and went to nail Cena but Cena moved and the chair bounced back off the ropes and Angle nailed himself! Bischoff went for the chair but Cena stood on it and then picked Bischoff up for the FU and then covered for the win.

Winner and still WWE Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Angle and Cena traded blows in the middle of the ring and then Theodore Long came out with a mic. He said he hates to be a negative influence, but Bischoff stuck his nose into Smackdown s business. He said he embarrassed them and made them look like fools. He said he has some Smackdown superstars ready to get the shine on. A bunch of Smackdown guys hit the ring and attacked Cena and Angle including Ken Kennedy, JBL, Batista, Chris Benoit, Christian, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and more. Batista went for a Batista Bomb on Bischoff but the RAW locker room emptied with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Carlito, Chris Masters, Shelton Benjamin, the Big Show and others and we have a rumble going on the ring as RAW went off the air!

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