WWE RAW Results (10/10/05): Stephanie/Vince/Linda; JR Fired!

WWE RAW Results (10/10/05): Stephanie/Vince/Linda; JR Fired!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, October 10th, 2005
Location: The American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas
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RAW opened up with footage from last weeks RAW Homecoming, namely Stone Cold Steve Austin delivering Stunner s to all of the McMahon family, and Vince saying someone will be getting fired over it.

In the arena:

The music of Stephanie McMahon hit in the arena as she made her way down to the ring, looking pretty darn hot to kick off RAW! Stephanie gets on the mic and says that the McMahon family personifies WWE, and last week was supposed to be their big night, but it was ruined by one man, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin stunned her entire family and the fans ate it up. She said there was a poll on WWE.com, and she was the favourite to get stunned! She says she doesn t understand, she s a lady, but when she thinks about it, they have been telling her for a long time that they don t like her, because they are jealous. The women are jealous of her good looks, great body, brains to back it up and being born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She said all the men are intimidated because she has more money because she has more money than every man in this arena combined, and she has bigger balls than every man in this arena! She said you ain t seen nothing yet. She says she can do what she wants, when she wants, and no one can stop her. One of the stage hands, Mark Yeaton, is giving Stephanie a cue, and she goes over to him, and he s telling her to wrap it up for commercial. She slaps the taste out of his mouth, and then goes over to Lilian and slaps her too! She then shoves the camera man over and says her father is on the way to the arena right now, and someone is going to get fired! Stephanie then made her way over to the commentators and told them to stand in her presence and to help her up onto the table. She says she guesses everyone thinks she s a b—h, and they re right&the b—h is back!

Referee: Mickey Hanson
Doink The Clown vs. Rob Conway

The music of Doink hit in the arena! Doink on RAW! Doink came out with a bunch of balloons, and he ll be facing Rob Conway here tonight!

The start:

They locked up and Doink rolled Conway up for two, and then got an inside cradle for another two. Doink went for a sunset flip and scored with it for another two count. They locked up again and Conway went for a boot but Doink blocked and poked him in the eyes and then kicked him in the ass. Conway then came back with a hard clothesline and then stomped away at the fallen Doink.

The Finish:

Conway choked Doink and then kicked away at him in the corner, followed by more stomps and then choked him. Conway nailed a neckbreaker and then whipped Doink to the corner but met a reverse elbow on the charge but then Conway nailed the Ego Trip for the easy win.

Winner – Rob Conway

The Aftermath:

Conway got on the mic and said attention all WWE Legends, they are no different than Doink. They are a joke. He said to look at him; he s the Conman, Rob Conway&future WWE Hall of Famer. Conway then stomped away at Doink some more and then Eugene hit the ring to make the save. Eugene checked on Doink but Conway came back in and took Eugene down from behind and then nailed him with the Ego Trip. Conway has left Doink and Eugene laying.

Carlito s Cabana:

Carlito is in the ring set for the Cabana. He gets on the mic and says first off, he would like to let Stephanie McMahon and her family know that last week, if he knew what was going on, would have spit right in Austin s face. He says tonight s Cabana is about who should be number one contender to the WWE Championship. Everyone saw the Iron Man Match last week, but what we didn t see was a winner, it was a tie. The music of Kurt Angle then hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring. Angle took a mic and asked what the hell match Carlito was watching, everyone saw him beat the living hell out of Shawn Michaels&with that the music of the Heart Break Kid hit in the arena as he came down to the ring. Michaels took the mic and asked Angle if he said clear, did he say he made it clear, because to him nothing can be more unclear. Last week after they tied, he gave Angle an opportunity for sudden death, and Angle walked. That tells him one of two things, either he doesn t want to be the WWE Champion, or he doesn t want any more of HBK. Clearly. Angle said he s not scared of anybody, and Shawn Michaels should be scared of losing his damn job because McMahon knows Angle carries the company and is RAW s meal ticket. He said last time he was WWE Champion; the WCW went out of business. He said if anyone deserves to be number one contender, it s him. The music of the Big Show then hit!

Show said that he s been patiently sitting in the back waiting his turn ever since he came to RAW, and seeing Angle out there gave him an epiphany. He said when you re a giant, you don t have to wait in line, you cut in front because you can. He said that he would like to have a shot at the WWE Title, and would like anybody to make his day and tell him he can t. The music of Edge then hit as he made his way to the ring as Mr. Money in the Bank with Lita by his side. Edge took the mic and said they must be forgetting something, he s the only one with a guaranteed title shot in the bank. Last week he became a career killer, so all they should be worrying about is who is going to join Matt Hardy in the unemployment line. He said if Stephanie is in the back, he thinks they should freeze all title shots until he cashes in the money in the bank. Carlito said Edge didn t have the guts to help them fight Smackdown last week. He said everyone in the ring can t stand each other. One, no one would mind if McMahon fired Edge, and two, if anyone deserves to be number one contender, it s Carlito. The music of John Cena then hit as he made his way to the ring as the WWE Champion! Cena stopped in the aisle and said we have a ring full of number one contenders. Cena went through all of them with raps, which I m too lazy to write down. Cena said the champ is here, and he never backs down or quits, if he could he d fight them all, cuz he just don t give a&


Trish Stratus is shown stretching in her locker room, and Ashley comes in, and Trish will be defending the Women s Title tonight against Victoria!

Referee: Chad Patton
Chris Masters vs. Tajiri

The music of Chris Masters hit in the arena and he made his way out to the stage, and then Tajiri came out and kicked him in the back while he was posing!

The match:

Tajiri sent Masters into the ring and nailed a kick to the face, and then a spinning heel kick for two. Tajiri went for a sunset flip but Masters nailed a right hand and then a double arm underhook suplex. Tajiri came back with kicks to the body but Masters caught one and pie faced him to the mat. Tajiri came back with the Tarantula in the corner and then nailed some right hands and elbows. Tajiri scored with a superkick for a two count and then went for the Buzzsaw Kick but Masters ducked it and then locked in the Master Lock. Tajiri tried to make the ropes but Masters pulled him back to the middle of the ring and Tajiri started to fade and the referee called for the bell.

Winner – Chris Masters


Triple H is shown walking backstage, and everyone is staring at him. Michaels gets in his face and says he knew Triple H was capable of pretty much anything, but it was too much what he did last week. Triple H laughed and walked off and both heels and faces were giving him dirty looks. Big Show then stopped him and said someday, he s gonna get his. Triple H backed off and then came face to face with John Cena. Cena said he doesn t know him and won t judge him, but after last week he lost Cena s respect. Triple H said if he was him, the last thing you should do is get his attention, know what he means? Cena said if you want some, come get some. Triple H said when he wants some, he ll take it and then tossed some random guy into a wall and continued on his way.

In the arena:

The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring, and maybe we will get some type of explanation for what he did to Ric Flair last week. Triple H said it s pretty hostile in the back, and a lot of people have a problem with what he did. He said it s none of anyone s business; this is between him and Ric Flair. He said you people care about Ric Flair? Well Triple H worshipped the ground he walked on, nobody was a bigger mark than him. He said Flair to him was the greatest wrestler in history, that s why he was so excited when he came here four years ago, until he saw him. He was a shell of a man, and Triple H reached down and pulled him up. He let Ric Flair sit at his right hand. He let Ric Flair stand in his light and bask in his glory, and Ric Flair actually appeared to be great again. The Nature Boy was back. Even Triple H started to believe it. Then a month ago he was watching as Ric Flair stood in the ring with spit and apple dripping off his face. He knew then what he had to do. He said he knew that night that he had been showing a blind eye as to what was happening. Two weeks later Ric Flair climbed to the top rope and he knew just like everyone, that he would get thrown off, but he flew off with the greatest of ease and crashed down on Carlito and everyone cheered, and Ric Flair cheered.

Flair cheered because he finally did one thing right. The same night, Flair held his new trophy above his head and everyone went crazy, and Ric Flair revelled in his new found mediocrity. While they cheered, Triple H cried because it broke his heart to see what he had become. He knew what he had to do, and he took the horse out behind the barn and he pulled the trigger. No more limousine ridin, no more jet flyin, no more Nature Boy. He said he would be damned if he would let someone tarnish his memories of Ric Flair. The fans want Flair; the fans are ready to sign his death warrant. If Flair is watching this, don t listen to that. Don t listen to we want Flair; don t listen to the guys in the back. Don t let them talk you into something that you have no business doing. Understand something, the Ric Flair he knew no longer exists, and without him Flair is nothing. Flair is no longer the dirtiest player in the game, he s not really even in the game anymore, hell, he s not even a player anymore. He told Ric to look into his eyes, because for Flair, the Game is over.


Footage is shown of the Rock s new movie, Doom. The Rock talks about the movie and says one of the monsters reminds him of Big Show, and the other reminds him of Lilian Garcia. We then went to a shot of the arena and Lilian looked confused.

Women s Championship Match
Referee: Mickey Hanson
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus (c)

The music of Trish Stratus hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring as the Women s Champion, and she is set to defend her gold against Victoria!

The start:

Trish went to work with right hands and then a Lou Thesz press and unloaded with more right hands. Trish did the matrish and then flipped into a headscissors to take Victoria down and then nailed her with a kick. Trish went for Stratusfaction, but Victoria blocked and threw Trish down to the mat. Victoria nailed a snap suplex and then perched Trish on the top rope. Trish kicked her away but Victoria came back with a right hand and then did a body press slam! Victoria torqued the back of Stratus, like a modified crab, and then covered for two.

The Finish:

Victoria b—hed at the referee and then walked into a spinebuster from Trish. Trish nailed a jaw breaker and then blocked a right hand and hit one of her own, and then hit more right hands but ate an elbow in the corner. Trish then went for the Stratusphere, but Victoria grabbed her by the legs and dropped right down to the mat into a Boston crab but then Trish rolled through for a near fall! Victoria blocked a Chick Kick and then nailed a right hand and went for the Widow s Peak but Trish reversed into a Northern Lights suplex for the win! Good match!

Winner and still Women s Champion, Trish Stratus

The Aftermath:

Victoria nailed Trish in the lower back after the match and then Ashley hit the ring and mounted Victoria from behind, but Victoria threw her down and kicked her. Some other chick ( Alexis Laree) then hit the ring and started to go to work on Victoria with right hands and then nailed a trust kick to send hger outside and hit Victoria with the belt to knock her off the apron, and then handed the title back to Trish and left, leaving Trish looking very confused!


Trish is shown backstage with Ashley, and then the new diva showed up and said her name is Mickie James and was all excited to meet Trish and Ashley. She said she s written to Trish so many times, and wants to be just like her. Alexis then hugged her, and Trish and Ashley looked a bit freaked out.

Next Week:

Mick Foley will be the special guest on Carlito s Cabana!

Six Man Tag Team Match
Carlito, Kurt Angle and Edge vs. Shawn Michaels, The Big Show and John Cena

The music of Carlito hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this six man tag team match, and he will be teaming with Kurt Angle and Edge, who was accompanied by Lita. We then go to footage of a limo arriving outside the arena, and Mr. McMahon is here!

The start:

Cena and Edge kicked things off and Edge backed Cena to the corner and went for a right hand but Cena blocked and unloaded with right hands of his own. Cena ate boot on a corner charge and Edge tagged in Carlito who stomped away at Cena and then sent him headfirst to the corner. Cena came back with a back body drop and then tagged in Show.

Mid-match notes:

Show nailed a big head butt and then chopped Carlito in the corner. Angle came in and Show gave him a chop for good measure. Edge came in and Show threw him off and then whipped Angle into Edge in the corner, and then Carlito into both of them before splashing all three! Carlito, Angle and Edge dropped to the outside as we went to commercial. Back on RAW and Cena is in control of Angle but then walked into a belly to belly overhead. Angle delivered an uppercut and then tagged in Edge. Edge distracted the referee while Angle choked Cena in the corner and then nailed some elbow drops.

Edge worked over Cena in the corner and then tagged in Carlito. Carlito clubbed the back of Cena and then went for a suplex but Cena blocked and hit one of his own and made the tag to Michaels. Michaels nailed Carlito with right hands and then hit the flying forearm, and nipped up. Michaels knocked Cena and Edge off the apron and hit an atomic drop on Carlito and then slammed him down before heading up top and scoring with the elbow. Michaels started to tune the band and went for Sweet Chin Music but Angle hit the ring and nailed Michaels with a clothesline and Carlito covered for a near fall.

Angle tagged in and worked over Michaels in the corner with right hands and uppercuts and then nailed a beautiful German suplex for a near fall. Angle locked in a body scissors on Michaels and Michaels rolled Angle over and nailed some right hands to break the hold. Angle sent Michaels to the ropes and Carlito pulled the rope down and Michaels tumbled to the outside. Edge then hit the spear on Michaels on the outside while Angle was distracting the referee, as we went to yet another commercial break!

Back live on RAW and Angle has Michaels in a side headlock on the mat. Michaels fought out but Angle whipped Michaels hard to the corner and flipped him inside out before nailing a overhead belly to belly and made the cover but Cena broke the count. Carlito tagged in and chopped at Michaels in the corner before nailing left hands to the head. Michaels came back with chops of his own but then missed a corner charge and his shoulder hit the ring post. Carlito covered for a near fall and then locked in a rear naked choke. Michaels fought up and escaped with right hands but then ran into a dropkick for another near fall.

Carlito went back to the rear naked choke but Michaels again fought up and reached for a tag and then nailed a back suplex on Carlito. Carlito tagged in Angle as Michaels tagged Show. Show knocked Angle down with right hands and head butts and then went for the chokeslam and caught Edge and went for a double chokeslam but they kicked him low and then he hammered them both down. Show told Angle he can t see him, ala Cena, and then tagged in the champ who nailed a sit down powerbomb and hit the five knuckle shuffle for a near fall!

The Finish:

Edge has his briefcase on the outside and Show went after him and kicked him over the barricade. Cena went for the FU on Angle but Carlito broke it up and then Angle locked in the Ankle Lock. Cena countered into his own Ankle Lock and then rolled through into a victory roll and Angle has beat Cena!

Winners – Kurt Angle, Edge and Carlito

The Aftermath:

Angle celebrated in the aisle, and this must make Kurt Angle the number one contender!


Vince McMahon is shown backstage making his way towards the arena, and someone is going to get fired&NEXT!

A promo video aired for Kane, and he will be back next Monday night!

In the arena:

The music of Mr. McMahon hit in the arena as he strutted down to the ring like only Vince can, and someone is getting fired here tonight. During the break, McMahon assured Eric Bischoff backstage that it wasn t him who was getting fired. McMahon said last week in this very ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin did the improbable, no, he did the impossible, and stunned every McMahon family member! He said he will never forget, and never forgive. When he was leaving the arena last week, he said then and he will say again now, someone is going to pay and someone is going to be fired. He said he is a man of his word, and someone will be fired right here tonight. The question is not what, the question is who. Who deserves to be fired here tonight, who s to blame? Some say the blame should go to General Manager Eric Bischoff, but he isn t going to fire Eric. He said he can single out who to blame, and it s a rotten redneck rattlesnake called Stone Cold Steve Austin, but he isn t going to blame Austin for what he did, and he isn t even going to fire Stone Cold. At least not yet. The question is, who is to blame for what happened last week, and that would be the person who enjoyed it the most, and he blames each and every one of the fans for what happened to his family last week.

They encourage the Stone Cold Steve Austin s of the world. As a result of that, and as a business man, this is what he wants. He wants each and every one of them in the arena, everyone in America and everyone in the world to consider themselves an employee of WWE. Tonight he wants to hire every damn one of them, just so he can say, from the bottom of his heart, YOU RE FIRED! He said each and every one of them are fired, but there were three individuals who were as close to the action last week, and he s demanding they come down to the ring right now, that would be the three sons of b—–s sitting right there&Coach, King and JR! The three of them made their way towards the ring, and Vince lined them up in the ring. He said that last week he s in the ring with his family, and they are up there calling the action. He gets stunned, and what do they do? Not a damn thing. He said he can take care of himself, but his son gets stunned, but he can handle that. Then the three of them sit on their ass and don t do a damn thing with Stephanie gets stunned. How do they feel about that? On top of that, the one individual who means the most to him in his life, his wonderful wife Linda, he worships the ground she walks on and she gets stunned, and what do they do? Not a damn thing.

He said they should be ashamed of themselves, and he wants an apology for the three of them doing nothing. He said their jobs depend on the answer, just for the record. Coach was first, and says he is so sorry for what happened to him last week, and he admits that he is a coward, and wishes he would have done something, but he will never be as brave as Vince is. He called Vince an inspiration, and thanks god that he is alright. McMahon said he accepts, and dismissed Coach. Lawler was next, and says he knows what its like to be stunned, and if apologising to Vince means keeping his job, then he is truly sorry. McMahon accepts and Lawler is dismissed. Ross was next, and Vince gets in his face and tells him to apologize to him. Ross said he s really sorry that his wife got stunned. Vince said that isn t good enough for him. McMahon asked if gave a damn about his job, and Ross said he loves these people and he is sorry that his wife got stunned. JR apologized, and McMahon accepted, but then he thought of something. He said it isn t good enough, and wants Ross to apologize to his kids. Stephanie then made her way to the ring for her apology.

Stephanie and Vince hugged, and then gave her the mic. Stephanie told JR to apologize to her, and Vince told the people to shut their mouths. Stephanie told him to apologize or get fired. Ross said he is sorry that her mother got stunned, and then Stephanie slapped JR. McMahon told Shane to come down, and that&the music of Linda McMahon then hit as she made her way down to the ring. Vince says she looks lovely tonight, but this is no place for her. Linda took the mic and said he cannot let the two of them continue this way. Last week when they returned to the USA Network, it was a great opportunity for new beginnings for the family, a chance for a clean slate. The only way to garner respect is not by yelling and screaming, or by pitching a fit. It s by taking action. Linda went over to JR and said on behalf of the entire McMahon family, YOU RE FIRED. Stephanie and Vince laughed, and JR couldn t believe it. Linda then kicked him in the nuts and Vince and Stephanie clapped and laughed at the fallen JR. Vince and Stephanie raised Linda s arm as RAW went off the air!

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