WWE RAW Results (10/17/05): 3 McMahon's; Austin/Foley/Kane!

WWE RAW Results (10/17/05): 3 McMahon's; Austin/Foley/Kane!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, October 17th, 2005
Location: The Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA
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RAW opened up with footage of Stone Cold Steve Austin delivering Stunner s to every McMahon family member, and then the aftermath of that last week with the firing of Jim Ross. The music of Vince McMahon then hit in the arena to start the show as he welcomed everyone to Monday Night RAW. He said in a little over two weeks, RAW will present Taboo Tuesday, the most interactive PPV in the WWE. He said he has challenged Eric Bischoff to come up with a main event which is innovative, groundbreaking and puts the power in the fans hands. He said last week, the fans had no power as they sat back and watched Jim Ross get fired. His life Linda McMahon fired Jim Ross, and she did it with a touch of class. He said he was never more proud of his wife than last week, and she will be here live via satellite here tonight.

He said there is rumor that a certain individual will be here tonight, and coming to Sacramento tonight will be Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said don t be surprised if he kicks Stone Cold s ass, he doesn t want to, but he might. He said he isn t here to appease anyone, although JR has made some contributions and he said they have put together a video for Jim Ross. A video then played highlighting all the times that Ross has gotten his ass kicked in WWE. The fans chanted asshole at McMahon, and he said the show has to go on, so allow him to introduce them to the new lead announcer for RAW&The Coach. Coach made his way out wearing a cowboy hat, mocking JR. They shook hands and then Coach took the mic. Coach thanked McMahon as he made his way to the booth, and said business is about to pick up but he always looked at JR as a father figure, a fat past his prime father figure. He said that is all about to change as he is about to pick up the slack, because as of right now, the Coach is the new voice of the people.

McMahon was shown backstage and Kurt Angle came up. He said before he fired JR last week, he was ready to announce a number one contender. He said last week he pinned Cena and he deserves to be the number one contender. McMahon said he was on his way to speak to Bischoff, and then Hurricane flew in. He said due to his respect for him, JR was the voice of RAW and now Coach is? Whatsupwitdat!? McMahon told Kurt to beat the hell out of him, and he obliged. Angle threw Hurricane into a wall and then stomped at it and fought into the arena. Kurt tossed the Hurricane to ringside and then wrenched at his face before sending him into the ring. Angle stomped on Hurricane and then went to work on him in the corner. Hurricane began to fight back with right hands and then a big elbow in the corner. Hurricane hit a dropkick from the middle rope and went for a Shining Wizard but Angle caught him in the Ankle Lock and grapevines the leg. Hurricane tapped but Angle wouldn t release the hold. Referee s made their way down to break it up and then Angle made his way to the back.


Mick Foley will be the special guest on Carlito s Cabana and Kane will make his return.

In the arena:

The music of Jerry Lawler hit as he made his way to the announce booth to join the Coach.


Vince McMahon is shown talking to Bischoff in his office. He was asking Bischoff if he liked what he saw with Angle attacking Hurricane. He said he wants the audience to have choices at Taboo Tuesday, and wants a main event that is absolutely compelling. Bischoff said at Taboo Tuesday, he wants a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. the man who the audience will get to choose. He said there will three qualifying matches here tonight. Shawn Michaels vs. Carlito, The Big Show vs. Edge and in the main event, an 18 man over the top battle royal, and then the three winners will be voted upon by the fans to be inserted into the triple threat match.

Taboo Tuesday Qualifying Match
Referee: Jack Doan
Edge vs. The Big Show

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Lita, and he will be facing the Big Show in the first qualifying match for a chance to be in the triple threat match at Taboo Tuesday!

The start:

Show and Edge locked up and Show powered him to the outside of the ring. They locked up again and Edge grabbed a waist lock but Show easily broke it and knocked Edge down via his ass. Show trapped Edge in the corner but Edge came back with right hands. Edge went for an Irish whip but Show blocked and threw Edge over the top to the outside as we went to commercial.

Mid-match notes:

Back on RAW and Show is in control of Edge in the corner, and silenced the crowd and went for a chop but Edge escaped with an eye rake and then went to work on Show in the corner, but then Show nailed a chop anyway. Show silenced the crowd again, and delivered a huge chop to the chest sending Edge to the outside. Show followed out but Edge raked the eyes and then Show charged at Edge, but Edge moved and Show hit the stairs. Edge sent Show back inside and stomped away at him and then locked in an arm bar.

Show escaped with an arm drag and then Lita tried to get involved but Show grabbed her and then Edge nailed him from behind. Edge nailed a tornado DDT for a near fall. Edge went back to working the arm but Show gave him a back suplex. Show grabbed Edge by the throat and went for a chokeslam but Edge countered and went for a DDT but Show threw him off. Show charged at Edge in the corner, but Edge nailed a drop toe hold and went up top but Show caught him by the throat but Edge escaped and then nailed a spear for two.

The Finish:

Edge went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair but then as the referee disposed of it, Lita tossed him the briefcase. The music of JBL then hit in the arena and as Edge was distracted, Show nailed the chokeslam to pick up the win!

Winner – The Big Show


Edge is backstage with Lita and they are b—hing at Bischoff. Bischoff said he doesn t like it anymore than they do. Bischoff said that Edge kept the RAW vs. Smackdown thing alive when he called out JBL last week, who better to put a stop to it than him. Bischoff asked Edge what he is going to do to put an end to it. Edge told Bischoff to tune into Smackdown on Friday night and you will see what he s going to do!

Carlito s Cabana:

Carlito said for the first time ever, he is set to face Shawn Michaels. He said he will beat Shawn Michaels and qualify for the main event at Taboo Tuesday, and that, that s cool. But what s not cool&a picture of Jim Ross is then shown on the Tron but then the music of Mick Foley hit! Foley said that its cool to be in the same ring as Carlito&he s not talking about the Cabana, he is just talking about someone who has worse looking hair than him. Foley said he s kidding, his hair is cool. He said he is here to talk about the travesty that occurred last week on RAW. He said JR is not cool, but he is the best announcer in WWE history, and seeing how he considered Linda McMahon to be a friend, he couldn t believe&Linda then appears on the Tron and said the response on WWE.com has been amazing. She said in business, you have to make tough decisions. She said Jim Ross goes in for colon surgery tomorrow, but she has heard rumors of him saying that Linda caused that. She said on behalf of the McMahon family, they wish him the best and hopes everyone will join them in praying for his good health. She told Foley to have a nice day. Carlito put his arm around Foley and said JR s gone, now he s just an out of shape, unemployed loser, just like you. Carlito said Foley must be the least coolest person that Carlito has seen. How does it feel to be so uncool? Foley said he is here to make a confession, Mick Foley is not cool. Not only that, he doesn t want to be cool! He knows that Carlito spits in the face of people who don t want to be cool, but there is an ironic twist here. He said after fans talk to him, they say he s cool. Carlito s cool. A cool shirt, a cool Cabana, cool hair. But after fans talk to him, they say Carlito&he s a horses ass! Foley asked him what he s going to do about it, and then Carlito picked up an apple. Foley told him to go ahead, it won t be the first time he s been spit on. Foley said Carlito should worry about facing Shawn Michaels here tonight, because he has a feeling when it s all said and done, HBK is going to beat him like a government mule, and that would be cool! Have a nice day!

Taboo Tuesday Qualifying Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Carlito vs. Shawn Michaels

The music of Shawn Michaels hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this Taboo Tuesday Qualifying match against Carlito.

The start:

Carlito went after Michaels in the aisle and the two traded right hands. Carlito shoved Michaels into the barricade and then back first into the ring apron. Carlito tossed Michaels back inside and covered for a one count and then went to work on him in the corner with chops and then kicks. Carlito nailed some right hands and then covered for another one count.

Mid-match notes:

Carlito nailed a scoop slam for two and then sent him head first to the corner. Carlito nailed a back elbow knockdown and then hit some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Michaels came back with a chop, and then another. Michaels then unloaded with another chop in the corner but Carlito reversed a whip sending Michaels hard into the corner for two before locking in a rear chin lock. Michaels escaped with right hands and then a chop but Carlito came back with a kick to the head and then choked Michaels with his leg. Carlito tossed Michaels over the top to the outside and then followed out and sent him back in the ring before covering for two.

Michaels fought back with right hands but Carlito shut him down and then went up top and nailed a cross body but Michaels rolled through and got a near fall. Michaels unloaded with some chops to Carlito and then grabbed a sleeper hold. Carlito escaped with elbows and then a back suplex. Michaels got Carlito in the corner and nailed some more chops but then Carlito came back with a dropkick in the corner for a near fall. Carlito delivered some right hands to the mid section and then locked in an abdominal stretch. Michaels fought out with a hip toss and then nailed more chops to the chest. Michaels went for a suplex but Carlito blocked and then he nailed it sending both men to the floor as we went to commercial.

Back live on RAW and Carlito has Michaels in a rear chin lock. Michaels escaped but Carlito nailed a face first slam for a near fall. Carlito worked over Michaels in the corner with left hands and then hit a vertical suplex for another two count. Carlito nailed more chops and then Michaels came back with chops of his own. Carlito hit some chops in the corner but missed a charge, crotching himself on the turnbuckle. Michaels hit the flying forearm and then nipped up and hit the atomic drop and then a pair of clotheslines and a scoop slam. Michaels headed up top and nailed the flying elbow drop and then started to tune up the band. Carlito ducked and Michaels went for a victory roll but Carlito sat down on it and grabbed the ropes for a near fall!

The Finish:

Carlito sent Michaels into the referee in the corner, sending him to the outside. Carlito then threw Michaels into the ring post and went to the outside to grab a chair. Carlito went to nail Michaels but Michaels moved and Carlito hit the ring post. Carlito went after Michaels in the ring with the chair, but Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music into the chair and the head of Carlito and covered for the win!

Winner – Shawn Michaels

In the arena:

The music of Ric Flair hit in the arena as he made his way out to the stage and shook hands with Shawn Michaels before continuing towards the ring as we went to commercial. Back on RAW and Flair is mid speech. Flair says Triple H took it upon himself to decide it was time for the Nature Boy to retire. He said Ric, you re through. He said this is the same guy, who in front of everyone last week called him the greatest wrestler in history. He said he worshipped the ground he walked on. He said that means somewhere, he has a soft spot and a weakness. He said doing what he did two weeks ago, he has now lit a fire under his ass. Flair said he wants to achieve at a level he hasn t achieved at in fifteen years. He said for twenty years he carried the brass ring and no one could take it from him, he was the best wrestler alive and everyone knew it. Flair said Triple H now has the ring, they consider him the man, and Flair questions that. He knows he is twenty years older than Triple H, and then dropped an elbow on his jacket.

He said in 1975 an airplane was 4,000 feet in the air and crashed in to the ground and killed the pilot and paralyzed two other wrestlers, and two months later he was standing in the ring wearing gold. 1981, he got off a jet in Richmond and the rain was so hard and lightning hit his umbrella, and it killed a guy standing right next to him, you think he s afraid of Triple H? He said now he has to wake up everyday and took at his head, which is now bleeding, knowing he has taken two sledgehammer shots. Flair is real busted; it looks like he split the stitches. He called Triple H out to the ring to see what the Nature Boy has for him. The music of Triple H then hit as he made his way out to the stage. Flair tossed down his mic and then went to the outside of the ring and looked under it and pulled out a baseball bat. Flair chased after the Game with the bat to the backstage area. Flair was looking backstage and Triple H has fled. Flair tossed down the bat and then shoved the camera man down as we went to commercial.


Maria is backstage with Carlito, and he is pissed. He said what happened was due to Mick Foley. He challenged Foley to a match at Taboo Tuesday and left.

Six Diva Tag Match
Referee: Mickey Hanson
Victoria, Candice and Torrie vs. Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Ashley

The music of Trish Stratus hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring as the Women s Champion, and she will be teaming with Mickie James and Ashley against Victoria, Candice and Torrie Wilson.

The start:

Victoria slapped Trish and then Trish came back with a Thesz press. Trish nailed a spinning headscissors and then Mickie James tagged in who went up top and hit a flying body press on Victoria. Mickie went to the outside and pulled down Torrie and Candice but upon re-entering was nailed by Victoria. Victoria then hit a back breaker but Mickie came back with a huricanrana out of the corner and then looked to Trish for approval but Victoria rolled her up for the win.

Winners – Victoria, Candice and Torrie Wilson

The Aftermath:

Mickie looked pissed and hit a spin kick to the mid section on Victoria, and then nailed her with the Stratusfaction. Trish and Ashley did not look impressed.

Outside the arena:

Stone Cold Steve Austin is shown rolling into the arena and he storms through the backstage in his truck and almost ran over a guy and rolled right into the arena and crashed into the ring! Austin got in the ring as we went to commercial!

Back on RAW:

Back on RAW and Austin has beers in hand. Austin got on the mic and said he s going to try and maintain his composure to get his message across. He said he has been with the WWE for ten years; he has given the place blood sweat and tears. There have been some good times and bad times and he s never backed down from anyone. He said there s only been one sumb—h who s been his friend, and that was Jim Ross. He sits there at the house and sees him get treated like a pile of crap, and it was complete&you know what I m saying. Austin said he s here to address one man, so Vince McMahon brings your carcass the ring because they have business to take care of. He has 48 beers; he can sit here all night long. The music of Stephanie McMahon then hit as she made her way down to the ring. Stephanie said Austin looks disappointed, and Austin said he doesn t understand what it is. Vince is always talking about his balls, and last week she said she had bigger balls than anyone in the company. Is he about to stun his first transvestite and he d love to let her talk but her breath smells like crap! She said he won t lay a hand on her of JR will never be back on RAW.

Austin said he s sitting on his ass at the house and they fire JR because he gave Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Linda a little stunner? Stephanie said now JR is gone. Austin said it wasn t JR s fault that he gave them all stunners. Austin said since she is in the ring, what if he just puts her over his knee, pulls her dress up, he has to be careful he doesn t want her balls to fall out! LOL. If you wanna see Stone Cold give her the spanking she deserves give him a hell yeah! Coach got a mic and said hell no, don t think about attacking a defenceless woman like Stephanie. He said no one wants JR here, and no one wants Stone Cold here! So why doesn t he get in his truck, put his tail between his legs and drive out of the arena like the scolded dog he is! Austin called Coach a son of a b—h, and he might as well make his way down there. Stephanie told him to hang on a second, he doesn t need to whoop Coach s ass. He said he will do whatever he wants.

She said she has a proposition for him, but he said he only has a twenty on him! She said she will give Austin a chance to get JR his job back. She said he s in here running his mouth and drinking his beer, but he gave her a hell of an idea. She said if he faces Jonathan Coachman at Taboo Tuesday, and he wins, then he wins JR s job back. Stephanie said as his boss, she guarantees that JR will have his job back if Austin beats Coach. Austin said he ll drink to that and said Coach has an ass whopping coming! Stephanie then got back on the mic and said she doesn t mean to interrupt, but if Austin loses to Coach, then he s fired! Austin said he fully understands, it won t be the first time, but here s to ya&Austin gave her the finger and continued to chug down beer in the ring! Austin then made his way over to the announce table and Coach acted like a trapped rat. Austin asked him what he s doing. Coach said he has skills and Austin told him to hit him. Austin took off Coach s glasses and then ripped his shirt open and knocked his hat and headset off. Austin said he is giving Coach a free shot and then poured beer into his cowboy hat and put it back on Coach s head and said he will see him in two weeks and it won t be pretty and that s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so!

In the arena:

The participants made their way to the ring including Carlito, Edge, Eugene, Viscera, The Heart Throbs, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Snitsky, Tyson Tomko, Rob Conway, Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri, Val Venis, Kerwin White, Chris Masters and others. The music of Eric Bischoff then hit as he made his way to the stage and said Taboo Tuesday is shaping up as a huge event, much bigger and better than No Mercy. He said voting begins next Monday live on WWE.com and the fans can vote on Ric Flair vs. Triple H, and another match, Mick Foley vs. Carlito and after seeing the Diva s let s bring back a tradition and gave a Fulfil Your Fantasy Battle Royal. Bischoff said the winner of this next battle royal will be eligible to face the champion at Taboo Tuesday. WWE Champion, John Cena then made his way up the aisle, and straightened Bischoff s jacket before joining Coach and Lawler on commentary. Bischoff went on to introduce Kane who is making his return here tonight!

Taboo Tuesday Qualifying Match
Eighteen Man Battle Royal

Kane grabbed Carlito by the throat and gave him a chokeslam and tossed him out and we re underway. Viscera was next out as we went to another commercial break. Back on RAW and during the break Tajiri was eliminated as well as Snitsky who was eliminated by Kane. Edge rolled to the outside during the match and Cade and Murdoch eliminated Rosey. Eugene was eliminated and he pulled Conway out and they are both gone. Cade and Murdoch were next to go via Kane and then Benjamin tossed Kerwin out followed by a Kane clothesline to Benjamin sending him out. Venis was next to go and then he hit a double chokeslam on the Heart Throbs and sent them out and it s down to Masters and Kane. Masters nailed a powerslam on Kane and went for the Master Lock but Kane blocked it and then backdropped Masters to the outside.

Winner – Kane

The Aftermath:

Cena stood up at the announce table as Kane stared at him from the ring, but who will be the fans choice to join the triple threat match at Taboo Tuesday?

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